Weird outlines around particles and some geometry

I just started playing Vermintide 2 and LOVE the graphics, but there’s one little glitchy looking aspect to it that bugs me and I don’t know how to adjust or fix: Fire effects, particles and any geometry that is against some far away stuff, like sky, ends up with what I can best describe as a “fringe” or weird outline. It’s like the anti-aliasing doesn’t work properly on certain things.

The worst example is single-pixel particles end up with a black outline around them. I know a bit about game dev so i THINK this is related to TAA but I’m not sure. I played with the settings and it’s hard remove that effect without losing something else, but I’m not sure what to tweak. I took a long hiatus from keeping up in PC gaming and just got back in after 9 years, so my last rig was pretty weak compared to this new one and graphics settings have a bunch of new options I never had with my old rig. I currently have:

i7 8700K
nvidia gtx 1060 6gb
Windows 10, 64bit
1920x1080 fullscreen borderless.

Using DX11 and I have the game set to Extreme (though I tried HIGH as well).

I made up some screenshots showing the problem… how do I add them in posts here??
(PS: Technically this post is a dupe of one i posted in Steam forums.)

Screenshots would be super. You could either upload them elsewhere and link them here, or upload directly via the ‘Upload’ button which should be visible on replying to this post.

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