Add a means to throttle particle and lightning effects from allies

I’m used to play Warframe and I generally find that the graphic options and tweaks made by the developers there are quite clever in some aspects.
If anyone has ever played that game, one of the main causes of confusion is the fact that both abilities and weapons have literally a truckload of bursting light effects.
To prevent these bursts of light from becoming the only thing anyone would be able to see through the entire map, the developers added a “diminish lighting and particle effects from allies” percentile cursor into the graphics options.
Now, in Vermintide this issue is mainly related to Sienna and her flame effects; the firewalk effect in particular.
As far as I can see, the volumetric lightning from the flames calls for a very sudden and steep rise in graphic resources consuption, so its main effect is to slow the game flow to a crawl for everyone, as long as they are present, thereby screwing combos, heavy attack timing, dodges and general movement.
Now I know that by reducing the number of shadow casting lights I can mitigate this, but the graphics quality of the game just drops to ugly depths that way.
It just seems a waste to give up the visual quality of the game (which flows smoothly in any other situation) just because, if you have a mage on the group, you have to hope never to end up into their flames or else get beaten up because all your actions are suddenly forced to go at a snail-pace.

I have no idea what a “diminish lighting and particle effects from allies” cursor entails in terms of software development, but I can say I found it very useful in the co-op game environment I played in so far.

As the tag states, this is just a suggestion, but I’d like to know if anyone else is having the same issue


The thing is almost every issue that get’s brought up had multiple threads to it already, years back at this point, and yours also with almost exactly your suggestion (if it’s not a new one added by some update). We all have the same issue, we complained about it in length, and nothing happens. I’m not really angry, not disillusioned nor fed up with the game, i’m just dealing with the expectations Fatshark gives us through their handling with problems by not expecting anything. Sometimes you will still get disappointed (dreaded WoM comes to mind).
I don’t think they are lazy, not really. Afaik they have a very good work environment unlike most other game devs. That comes with not as much content, as they don’t crunch their employees to the same degree. But sometimes you just think a bit more structure would do them good, that they are too free-spirited. But working for them might be the dream job for any dev. I don’t know, i’m not one of them. I’m just a customer, and i played more than my fair share and for that pricepoint i can’t complain that it entertained me for so long.

A feature like you are suggesting has been chewed through by the community, it all got to the devs (the community managers are doing their job, i believe them). It is very unlikely that they will add this or other content/features that isn’t already in the pipelines. We have 2 more careers to go, one or maybe two story beats besides those and hopefully still the crafting and deed rework. Bugs will still get fixed for a time, but don’t expect all or most bugs that get reported and acknowledged to be fixed. That is almost certainly a fact, for me at least. Some bugs that have been reported since launch and even before that, during the Beta, aren’t fixed yet.

Sorry for the rant, a bit derailing, maybe even a depressing tone for someone new to the forum. I’ m just tired seeing so many good suggestions in this forum being left on the wayside, and throttled my engagement on here accordingly.

It felt good to finally write that all down…

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A bit off topic sorry, but again today I had an entire horde wave spawn silently behind me a few metres away. Indeed if issues of that magnitude still haven’t been fixed, it’s hard to imagine something as nuanced as OP’s idea gets added. It’s sad though because it’s a great suggestion, and would be an extremely welcome change for most players.

I still wish that ulting as BH didn’t completely obscure everything in front of me for several agonising seconds. Why on earth does HS Ult do a ridiculous duck that throws off your aim for precious seconds. Why was fireball staff’s explosion animation changed to obscure way more vision than it used to? Honestly I have so many questions about the visual design of this game.

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