Maybe we need a Sienna Slider

I play Sienna quite a lot and have found that most of the time the flame effects aren’t too overbearing… until I play alongside a coruscation staff, … and man it’s bad in the hands of a BW.

Every three to five minutes I felt Like I was standing inside furnace which may seem fun until every direction I turn in is a wall of white flame and I end up either moving out of the flames (and all enemies run out of the flames too) or wildly swinging and hoping I don’t suck up a hit I can’t even see coming because of FIRE.

Can we have a slider that adjusts the opacity of Sienna’s flame effects on the Coruscation, Firewalk, Fireball charged and possibly conflag? Just something to make the flames more translucent please.

I don’t want to turn it down to the point the flames become non existent, but I’d like to be able to see at least something when BW is coruscating bloody everything.


Fireball these days especially is a visibility nightmare. Thoroughly agreed some QoL features to tone down flame visuals would be very welcome.

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I think the obstruction is in some cases a natural downside of the weapon that’s important for balance - thinking flamestorm specifically. I do always tag specials through the flames though.

One gripe I do have is that sometimes looking directly at fire absolutely thrashes your screen exposure making the world outside the flames black. I’m okay with flames obstructing things but when you can’t see stuff outside the flames if your crosshair passes over a fire that gets annoying.

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Interesting thought. I’m not sure how I feel about this but it does add a drawback to these weapons.

It’s very annoying. The auto-exposure in general can be too much imo, but Sienna makes it very apparent.

Well I had a gripe with Sienns’s fire effects to the point of actually avoiding playing with Sienna in my team. However, when I found out the fix for the FPS drops her fires were causing, now I’m left with only the visibility issue. My top list of offenders are:

  1. Firewalk. Absolutely opaque, bright AF and it stays there for a long time.
  2. Unchained’s exploding ult - always unpredictable and sometimes disrupts me and my enemies on the wors possible moment
  3. Flail heavy hit. If you’re like me and set the exposure speed to maximum (you know so you can actually see anything on Convocation of Decay finale), you end up getting temporarily blind every time Sienna hits someone with a charged flail hit near you because the exposure compensation mechanisms has time to duck the eye brightness.