Sienna tone it down a bit?

Hey! Not one for excluding a 5th of the game but there’s alot of sienna’s playing with the 'orribly obnoxious conflag?! staff… the one that looks like its about to open a portal to hell… I have absolutely no time to get out of the circle before sienna lets loose so is there a way that only sienna sees this effect and other players can get to focus on the hordes and enemies rather than being blinded by guy fawks… thanks in advance

You have to see it, so that you don’t wander into it and then you have to start another topic complaining about Sienna doing too much friendly fire.


She does actually not do that much damage per hit.

But what OP describes it seems the Sienna´s he plays with just dont give a s**t and instead dedicate themselves to setting everything on fire, stray allies included x)


P sure he’s just complaining that the big glowing circle shows up for him and blinds/distracts him.


There’s certain graphic settings that tone down the “blindness” from Siennas fire attacks, or really, all fire attacks. One of them is particle quality which I normally keep on low, helps a lot with vision. Pretty sure lens flare and lens and colour distortion under “post processing” in graphics settings cause it to be really hard to see when she casts as well.


So he complains that is played Sienna as a wild and unbalanced Fire Mage with pyromantic tendencies?

Is there some kind of RP games you’re taking part in?

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Its like he would complain that wutelgi is horizontal


To be fair though I’d love an option to disable that one. The staff is really good, but sooo distracting to others…

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sorry my complaint isnt at Sienna players or Fatshark but the ott discoball of doom that doesnt warn me of anything other than you’re about to go blind :blindness: pretty sure all my settings are at low… If sienna players like the effect its fine as I hope you will still be able to see it but other players just get a feeling of being embalmed in flames and annoying “sienna!” ff shoutout … An example of other effects that other players dont see Bardin’s jump… Krubers Aura… So it must be something that can be adjusted

p.s. notice I havent mentioned lamethrowers… if you get in the way of these its your own fault

Make sure you have Bloom turned off. It can be somewhat akin to a flashbang either way. Although, that can be minimized by having a wiz who knows how to use conflag, tbh.

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Sorry to disagree here but I really like the effect and I never play sienna. The effect creates a very clear area that is about to be hit by fire and allows me to shove enemies into it or step back a bit so that i’m not longer in it. As an indicator to inform gameplay I feel like its extremely useful to team play. Also, it looks cool.

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