[Suggestion] Sienna's "Fireball Staff" - too much brightness/bloom when doing charged attack

Would it be possible to reduce the amount of brightness / bloom created when doing the charged attack with the fireball staff (when she pulls the fireball out of the staff) ?

It currently covers your screen and adds a lot of brightness which makes it difficult to keep tracking your targets, especially if the background is relatively dark (which it is most of the time).

Reducing the brightness and/or lowering the animation to the bottom half of the screen so the top half is ‘clear’ and not blinded by brightness would greatly improve the usability of this staff.


Yes, I do think that too, it’s a bit hard to see clearly with so much light. Sometimes I even look down in order to be able to see where to aim.

in genereal i’ll like a way to turn down sienna’s brightness, even her hand when she is overcharged is disturbing for me

This is due to the dang auto exposure they put in the game with no option to turn off and other lighting issues. It’s underlying lighting problems, not the individual staff. I did it during the beta and I will again create a circumspect lighting thread with screenshots requesting everyone post their feedback and screenshots