Something about Sienna's fire's brightness

I used to not mind Sienna’s fires because -except for fire walks,- they were brief ; but since the introduction of the coruscation staff, having 5 tornados and a double fire walk on screen makes things both pretty bright and pretty illegible.

What can be done to tone down the brightness and turn up their transparency a bit ?


Ability to just disable eye adaptation effect would be also very helpful.


Firewalk is complete garbage - it pretty much fixes the last row talent for me because I know how obnoxious it looks for other guys. And when I am forced to play with a firewalking mage I just try to stay away. I was hit and downed a number of times because I just couldn’t see behind that strategically placed curtain.

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I play with Kaboom because it makes more space, but I don’t want to forbit Siennas from playing with Burnout, as it is good survival and damage and above all not objectively garbage, unlike Ironbark Thicket.

One could argue that it is the responsibility of the Sienna player to not blind everyone, like it is that of the salad elf to not put down walls that eat attacks and block vision ; but I think there is more tied to pressing F as BW (namely, movement) than pressing F as SotT so it is not asking the same of both.
Elf has to aim far, BW would have to be far.

I think a slight tonedown in visuals would be more reasonable.

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A slider of opacity. Each player being able to choose how opaque the flames are.


A helpful reminder for non-Sienna players:

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Reminder of what exactly? That she’s obnoxious to play as as well as to play along with? Hardly anyone is forcing anyone to do that. In fact, with how fire effects are made in this game, I wouldn’t mind if everyone got fed up with them and stopped playing her altogether. A win-win as somw would say :innocent:

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