New sienna explosion effects especially fireball staff

idk why this is a thing but the new explosions make things very hard to see especially the fireball staff right clicks. makes things like very cheesy and kinda look like a cheap indie game. havent ran into one person on my friends list that likes this so lets see what this forum thinks.


I just tried the Fireball-Staff I love the Fireballs to bits! The are so fancy! :heart:
Well I do see your point. It obstructs the view, but isn’t that kind of a property of explosions?
And you shouldn’t shoot that close to your mates anyways until it obstructs their view…

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I was also under the impression that the explosion sprite got revised. And yes, it’s less transparent than the previous one.

While I like how it looks I certainly see the problem. Hell, I was having trouble seeing what’s ahead of me at some point while playing Sienna. x)