Fireball sienna explosions

I know this has already been posted before, but just wanted to post it into bugs to maybe raise more awareness to this issue.

There is no question that the explosions look very cool, but they are less transparent or they linger around to long which makes it very hard to see in comparison to the old ones. I play on lowest possible settings and spamming fireball staff makes it very hard to see for myself and my teammates. just making it so it dissapears a little bit faster or making it a little more transparent would help alot, i’m not saying make it completely see trough.


Yah, I thought it looks out of place compared to old one but a lot of people like it too… =/

Same explosion for Firewalk/Bombs

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Friend has pointed out the same issue. (I haven’t had chance to play it yet because of bad net)

They also pointed out that Chain Reaction on Unchained gets this issue really badly.

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