Sienna's Coruscation Staff - Aqshy's Lament illusion glowing effect

See the attached screenshots. Both of them were taken on Blightreaper’s dark section. On the first one I’m using the Coruscation Staff with the new Aqshy’s Lament illusion, and on the second one, I’m using a torch.
As you can see the staff has also some glowing effects which make navigation in the dark easier (both on Blightreaper and Hunger in the Dark), while it’s still almost impossible by using other staffs (or illusions).
In order to make it consistent, it would be better if this glowing effect would get disabled for this staff (as it’s available only in a DLC and that could cause some dissatisfaction), or would get enabled for all the other staffs (and illusions), since some of them have a bigger flaming effect on them, which would mean bigger glowing effect in my opinion.
And also Sienna’s head basically a torch :slight_smile: so this would also make sense to cause this glowing effect :slight_smile:

I would much preffer just making Sienna be a lightsourse in general.

This will:

  1. Make Darkness levels less frustrating for many people, since the main gripe everyone has with it is the uncomfortable marriage to the Torch.
  2. Be consistent with how actual fires work.
    Sienna’s head is constantly burning, she uses flames as a weapon, and oftentimes produces more fire than a burning gas station would, while somehow emitting less light than a small measely burning stick. EVERYONE who has played this game has questioned this at least at some point.

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