Sienna's Burn DoT's after 2.0.6

Sienna does about 30% as much damage with the burning DoT effects as she did before this patch.

Before the 2.0.6 patch, flamestorm staff burn did 875 damage on the training dummy, with Famished Flames on. Now it does 250. Without Famished Flames, the DoT does 100 damage.

Other burns got a similiar reduction.

I’m assuming this is a bug.


yea! same here! she acts really weird after the patch! i feel a huge negative effect on Sienna aswell!

Sometimes the Ulti on Unchained doesent even work right! it just goes ‘‘poof’’ without having any damage effect, or knockback on mobs!
i started having this issue after this new patch!
and somehow, i feel way more squishy than i used to be! allot more squishy! but maybe those are just coincidence?


Sounds likely to be a bug. We’ve let the designers know something went weird there.


Yep same here!

charged attack or not doesnt change nothing

Awesome! She’s the only class i play ingame! so would love to see this fixed! it’s really weird and awkward atm!


Confirmed broke. Will fix.


do you know when?

yea, would love an ETA aswell! especially since she’s the only toon i play in this game! xD

Oh boy, I hope the fix comes soon. The Beam Staff is awful at the moment since it gets most of its damage from DoTs.

yea! me2! the class is so weird atm! still able to clear maps fairly easy, but god damn, the damage went down so bad! same with my survivability for some reason! gotta be super careful atm! >.<

Seems to be working now thank you. Beam staff with extra dot dmg, but wihtout forever dot melts bosses now :slight_smile:

Thanks for listening to our feedback and fixing the issue. We really appreciate it

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