Sienna's Coruscation staff DoT inconsistant

The staff’s DoT is very inconsistant, to it not procing the burn on enemies that are stood right in the middle of it, to the DoT being applied for only a few seconds, to also the DoT actually working as intended and persisting on, from what I could see from my matches so far, bosses such as the bile troll

I am not sure if the staff is working as intended due to it’s inconsistancy, so if this is something that’s known or being looked into would love more on that! <3

This was all tested with the Lingering Flame talent to make sure the flames stuck btw

Ok, after playing around with the staff for over a week now or so, I have come to the conclusion that I absolutly love it!

My prior comments about the DoTs being “inconsistant” were simply based off of the reticle tick, which doesn’t always show up with the staff when things are burning; but things are most certainly burning (especially when they are inside the gyser)

The phenominal area denial that this staff has is outstanding! Being able to choose where the horde funnels in from is simply a tool I love having in my arsenal. I am always of the Support / Utility mindset, where I want to help my team do their best thing, and funnelling in enemies in a more convenient spot, and denying flanks for the enemy is a tool that should not be overlooked! The damage is just the cherry on top <3