Weird optimization? possible netcode crashes?

Something I’ve been suspecting since launch is that a lot of these unspecified crashes I’ve been getting are actually a netcode problem, as I’ve been been getting far more crashes during peak times than when I’m playing at slowest times. Though, could simply be correlation without causation there.

On another note, I’ve actually been benchmarking the game and GPU usage is surprisingly low. On my 3060ti, I’m only seeing GPU core load top out at 18% at the craziest of times, with about 60% VRAM usage. Meanwhile I’m seeing a steady 40-50% CPU core usage on an i7-4790k (no OC). In game, though, I’m only getting 60fps at 3440x1440p. I had all my settings at low and medium… So I bumped everything up, and got even better frame rates. Bumped everything up to high and then and I’m getting 60-80fps… What’s going on here? In 30 years of gaming I’ve never gotten better framerates out of increasing graphical fidelity.

The framerate thing sounds like tilted performance optimisation on their end, FS collaborating with Nvidia means that high end optimisation arguably had more resources to smooth things out, and with all the GPU crashes the game was getting through the beta I wouldn’t be surprised if Nvidia has been messing around with driver optimisation on their end specifically tailored to the game and high performance RTX cards like a 30 series.

DLSS might also play a part if you’ve been tweaking that setting, it essentially AI upscales you game from a lower resolution to the one youre actually rendering, which means even if youre displaying at 3440x1440p the game is probably rendering at half that without sacrificing any visual detail that you would notice while youre framerate runs at what it would be at that lower resolution.

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I tried the dlss settings from superperform to balanced, and as far as frame rates go, I was only seeing maybe a 2-3 fps difference between the lowest and almost high end… which isnt a lot considering the drastic jump on image quality between each setting.

I’ve only been moving setting s up until I find something that drops framerates intolerably. Have only gained frames as a result… Which I’m still scratching my head over. Even bumped up the LoD pop-in to 1.5.

Might be onto something with netcode there.

Back when I only had 8GB RAM (you may laugh now), 99% of matches followed the exact same pattern of “start match►load in►experience actual slideshow for a bit►disconnect within 30 seconds►press Reconnect►loading ends in a crash”.
Connectivity improved TREMENDOUSLY after doubling the RAM, disconnects became a rare exception rather than an ironclad rule. Performance became surprisingly much better, too.
You’d think it would just crash in the first place if the specs were so weak, but it had to disconnect first, every time. Wonder why.

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Games should not rely on DLSS or FSR for stable framerates.

I agree, not for stable framerates and not for ensuring playable FPS if the game isnt actively calculating a raytraced environment, which is what DT has lower settings with baked environmental lighting for. But this whole exercise is a test of maxing out various settings and getting better performance so DLSS was imo a potential factor to consider.

It actually turned out one of the big causes of random crashes for me in the beta was that one of my ram slots was gradually failing, I cant laugh at you when I’m still waiting on a replacement MBD so ive been playing on 8GB since launch (insert laugh here). The latest patch improved performance for me massively though, it got rid of the random stuttering and lag, and the game has been running pretty smoothly since.

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