The only thing that's fixed my constant crashing

After following everything that was suggested in the official forum post, I resorted to lowering/turning several settings off one-by-one to see what works.

I’ve deduced that lowering most settings makes no difference than keeping them maxed out.

DLSS being on and off also has not made any difference.

My last attempt was incrementally lowering my worker threads, until I reached just 1.

This seems to be the best band-aid solution at the moment for stability, as I rarely experience crashes anymore.

The bad thing is, you can kiss your already bad frames goodbye, as most maps (especially during hordes) will net you around 40fps.

It goes without saying that Raytracing is off, otherwise my fps would probably be in the single digits.

AMD 3800X
16GB 3600Mhz

I don’t know why but this same things happening with me a lot and many times.

don’t know. I have i5 11400f, 16 gb ram 3600, RTX 3070, 70-150 fps on high FULL HD, DLSS quality, with hordes sometimes 70 fps is the minimum. On average, it holds 80-130. And very, very rarely 60 fps. Worker threads - 9. I have 150-140 fps on the basis of the respawn. Latest Driver Invidia. Win 10 21H2
Swap file on SSD- Volume 16000MB

I really find it confusing that identical configs have drastically different experiences with this game (or any game for that matter, really). But the issues mostly seem to relate to the newer hardware. Hopefully, they can improve with all the feedback. Though 16Gb seems to be the least amount of RAM one can have nowadays.

I’m on i7-9700K, 2070 Super, 64Gb 3200MHz, M.2 NVMe, Win11 Pro. Nvidia Shader Cache set to 10Gb (it’s necessary for most games today).

With all settings to High, 3440x1440, full FOV, DLSS set to Performance (bloom and those post processing options off as I generally don’t like them), ragdolls and decals set to about 50%, and I’m getting between 65-130fps, depending on the rendering scene. Though, I cap it to 60 for stability. V-sync off.

The game works a bit worse with the latest patch, I used to have 80-130fps with identical settings.

I have also been experiencing constant crashes as soon as I get into a game. Its a horrible laggy mess, but if I reduce my thread count to 1, it works at about 40 fps. It makes no sense that I was able to play the game with all my setttings as high as possible at launch, only for a week later for it to become unplayable. Reinstalled twice and reinstalled all drivers, no luck whatsoever.

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Game runs for me for 2, maybe 3 Missions and then it Crashes usually Mid Mission, and keeps Crashing until i Restart my PC.

supplement with a new patch 100-150 fps on high)