Most of my crashes gone with this workaround

Hey guys,

I had a lot of crashes since game launch a few weeks ago (sometimes a crash every 5 - 10 minitues). And I did a lot of try and error.
But long story short. Here is my system: i9 13900k with 32 GB G.Skill, samsung ssd nvme m.2 2 TB, Zotac 3080ti OC with GeForce Game Ready-driver v527.56.
I found out 2 days ago that when I use 6 worker threads in the settings and after I start Darktide I’m assign 10 cpu cores in the taskmanager the most crashes are gone. I did some testing and what I can say is I can play at a minimum of 6 rounds without one crash.

I hope this will help some of you guys.


I have a similar system and something like that didn’t do anything for me. The stability issues in this game seem so random. In my case, I had tried anywhere from 4-7-15 threads, E-cores being enabled and disabled, RTX/DLSS on and then them off and settings all to minimums. Still had the same level of crashes.

What has been mostly stable for me now is: DLSS/RTX off, 7 threads, and most importantly: capping in-game FPS to 120 and capping it in the nvidia control panel at 90fps. Seems to be some sort of frame rendering issue that if you prevent the system from getting “too full of itself” brought me back to crashing like once every other day now from 15-30mins between crashes before.

Thank you for sharing. :+1: