Anyone know of any ''fixes'' for all the excessive crashing?

i was wondering if anyone maybe has a smart tip that i could try to stop this … ‘‘game’’ from crashing on every god dang mission?
out of 10 runs, 9 of them random crashes…

GPU: 4090
RAM, 64Gigs
CPU: i9-13900K
Win 11Pro.

i see that the crashes and stuff is a confirmed issue, so i won’t really bother making a report in here, but i was wondering if anyone maybe have found a magic setting to disable/enable to stop the game from just… shutting down randomly during missions? i really do wanna play / Like this game… but holy hell, its extremely hard to like the way it is…

There have been many suggested ‘fixes’. I’ve tried them all, and none have worked for me.

-Reducing number of worker threads in launcher to a lower number. 1 is ‘most stable’, but you’ll be playing at 40 fps…

-Update/perform fresh reinstall of graphics drivers.

-In your Windows graphics settings, ensure that Steam/Windows Store and the Darktide executable are set to use your Nvidia Graphics card.

-Lower settings to oblivion.

-Verify integrity of game files.

-Reinstall the game.

It’s supremely awful. Had either the same number or fewer crashes during the Open Beta. The major difference is that the Full Release broke the ‘reconnect to session’ feature. Game crashes so freaking often that it was the only way I could make any progress. I literally haven’t leveled up since the Full Release because of this. Make it 20-90% through a level. Crash. 100% Guaranteed. Game works 100% of the time, 0% of the time.

yeaaa, you are experiencing the same as me then…

literally hands down absolute trash.

i have a 99% crash rate! currently just did map # 21… crashed again… 1 completed, 20 failed.

honestly, this is not a full game release, this is a bareboned pre-alpha release… the fact that they released the game in this state is beyond me… but then again… what can you expect from game developers these days… they do only care about cash :slight_smile:
100% bet the ingame cash store works flawlessly!

only thing i’ve not tried is to play on easy mode… but that would just overall ruin the gameplay for me anyway, so i’d rather just not play!

hopefully they hire in some outside staff to fix their brokenass game!

i have 3080ti , 32 gb ram , ryzen 7 , all fresh drivers installation , all machine full updated at last drivers and firmware, try to change the graphic configs to all possible combination . Today in 2 hours i aren’t able to play more than 5 minutes.
Anyway i find a solution … i unistall game because i’m tired to spend my time to launching every 5 minutes this crap

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There are honestly so many variables between each PC there is no miracle one-shot panacea (I wish there was) but the most reliable recommendation from players has been to dramatically lower your ‘Worker Thread’ count via the launcher’s ‘Settings’ menu.

Ultimately we need to fix the game. Our developers are working round the clock to make that happen.

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