Excessive crashing

As mentioned in the title, I cannot complete a single mission without crashing at least once, usually several times per mission. There does not seem to be any specific trigger, as I have crashed during high intensity moments as well as periods of calm, and no specific input or in-game action seems to trigger it either.

I have taken the below steps to attempt to alleviate this issue to no avail.

-Updated display drivers
-Reduced the amount of worker threads in the launcher settings
-Reduced visual settings to the point where everything is at the minimum possible values
-Underclocked my GPU by 200mhz
-Tried all of the different window options (fullscreen, borderless fullscreen, windowed)
-Verified the files on Steam multiple times
-Reinstalled the game multiple times
-Made sure that the game is of the highest priority and that there is plenty of free memory to go around
-Made sure that CPU and GPU temps are at acceptable levels
-Made sure my CPU cores are unparked
-Anointed my PC with scented oils and uttered a prayer to the Omnissiah

My relevant specs are;
AMD Ryzen 7 3700X
Geforce RTX 3600 Ti
16Gb of RAM

And here are the most recent log files;
darktide_launcher.log (172.0 KB)
console-2022-11-30-20.02.17-b75b1e41-4413-4132-8b17-a24ad18f8cb5.log (16.6 KB)

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I’m having the same issue , on my case my computer crashes and restarts and its isolated to this game .

I even reinstalled windows and nothing .

I’m running on a Ryzen 5600x and RX6800 .

Look in your log for this part:

<>1<</Crash version>>
<>deadlock<</Crash type>>
<>Deadlock detector<</Thread name>>

Looks like you might reduce crashing by lowering the worker threads?

I am having the same exact issue here.

Intel i9-12950Hx
RTX 3080 Ti

Crashes every single mission. I got my character to level 14 during the Open Beta, but since the official release I have not leveled up a single time. Because in the Open Beta, at least the reconnect feature actually worked. Literally hasn’t worked a single time since official release.

Blows my mind how they somehow made this problem worse, instead of offering an improvement of any kind whatsoever. I have followed roughly the same troubleshooting steps as you. Although, I may consider turning to the Chaos to see if they can solve this problem better.

console-2022-12-02-16.36.02-a41c98b7-c97b-470c-a869-c4f171c18db0.log (124.8 KB)
crash_dump-2022-12-02-16.36.02-a41c98b7-c97b-470c-a869-c4f171c18db0.dmp (933.4 KB)

Please for the love of The Emperor, fix the reconnect feature. It hasn’t worked at all since full release, and it was the only way I could actually play the game.

my chrashs with a 3600 depends on deactivting dlss… ive tested it with drivers 516.94 and the newest …i can play on highest settings with 75 to 120 fps no dips or stuttering! dlss of=crash after a severall time in a mission… maybe 5 ,15 or 2min. only with dlss its run good no ctd about 4 missions.BTW 516 was the smoother exp:)