Game crashes and locks up computer

Issue Description:

After playing at least one mission and entering the next one the game will freeze with audio still able to be heard, the mouse will be useable for about 20 seconds then the entire computer becomes unresponsive. This only started happening after 1.0.7 as I was able to play fine on 1.0.6 or if it did crash it would crash to the desktop.

Windows 10 - Latest Windows 10 Updates.
RTX 3090 - Latest GPU Drivers
AMD 5900x - Latest BIOS

Crash Report (If Applicable):
crash_dump-2022-11-22-13.21.08-72faa05c-78a4-4560-aea6-aa3920e6568e.dmp (1.0 MB)

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Play any mission at least once.
  2. Join a second mission.
  3. The point at which you enter the game state the screen will freeze and the computer will lock up after 20 seconds.


Player ID:

Reproduction Rate:
Constant (100%)

console-2022-11-22-13.21.08-72faa05c-78a4-4560-aea6-aa3920e6568e.log (315.7 KB)

darktide_launcher.log (390.9 KB)

This might be anecdotal but I was having a similar issue in 1.0.6 (not played any 1.0.7 yet) when I had DLSS set to Automatic, changing it to another setting (Balanced) seemed to prevent the full-lockup from reoccurring so far.

Latest nVidia drivers, 3070. Although my lockups had been at random while playing.

It looks like you’re running into a Deadlock crash. It’s difficult to determine the cause from the logs alone unfortunately. I suspect it’s a localised issue and that something isn’t playing nicely.

Does the issue persist after a PC restart?

Yes, after a restart it’ll continue to occur. I’ll play around with the settings and see if it alleviates the issue and report back.