Weekly mandatory 'fun' quests need to be changed

All of these stem from damnation exprience (not auric thats not good for farming)

No I dont want to waste 30 minutes cuz someone died and quest doesnt count
No I dont want to waste 30 minutes cuz assail psyker kills everything so I cant farm KILL 1000 X enemy in melee
No I dont want to arbitrarily switch to ranged/melee weapon to kill X enemy type
No I dont want to CARRY 16 RANDOM - MISSION spawned grimoires and tomes which forces me to forego quickplay bonus since I cant guarantee a mission that has them

The ONLY weekly quest that is inoffensive is finish 8 games (which should be 4) because it is “Play the game”
Everything else is idiotic gimmick and needs to go, this is a GAME not A JOB.

  • “bUt YoU dOnT nEeD tO dO ThEm!1”
    Yes and whats a better feeling than wanting X blessing for WEEKS - seeing that blessing in shop - not having enough sPeCiAl CuRrEnCy to buy it - leave the game and ponder how f-cking awfull itemisation is compared to how godly the gameplay is … for the Xmillionth time

Agreed. Here’s how to make it as least painful as possible:

Re-roll weeklies until you have the following:

  • Kill X monsters
  • collect x plasteel
  • Collect x Diamantine
  • kill x dregs with ranged
  • kill x scab with ranged

The kill x with ranged works regardless of who on your team kills the target. On average, even if you go full melee, it’s fastest to just do the ranged tasks for both enemy types. You’ll hit it in 4-5 games usually on Damnation. And in the course of that you’ll get all the other tasks finished too.

The above requires the least amount of effort, happens organically just by playing, and doesn’t require doing anything out of the ordinary.

All of this said, the Melk quest system is poorly designed, no argument from me there.


bro you can literally change those missions whenever you want you don’t want to kill melee then change it to ranged and you can always select the boss killing missions, or gather resources that are done very fast and in less than 10 games they are complete, plus you don’t need to “wait weeks” to get the blessing you want buy weapons from brunt’s armory and raise them to blue rank then you can remove blessing with a few resources until you find the one you want.

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Wait what?

Yes gather X resources / kill bosses are good ones.
Those are completed by playing and require no suboptimal gameplay to finish
They do not hinge on other peoples skill not to die (or absurd bad luck that kills someone).

The rest is pure trash and make me miss DRG even more where weeklies are
Do these 3 missions (two quests) = they are for ALL of your characters at once so you DONT need to complete them 4x2x3 (like in DT) = they are not connected to any unfun “gameplay” mechanic as “kill X enemies with Y weapon type” = Itemisation in DRG is infinitely better than in DT and weeklies are a bonus to a already good dame

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Yes. The kills can be from anyone on the team.

There’s a mod that adds weekly quest tracking to the tab-screen and you can see this working moment to moment.


First, you’re comparing games with different systems and different times. DRG has more years of life, hence more content and quality of life improvements. It’s also important to consider that DRG has fewer weapons, and in Darktide, it would be a hassle to have to kill 1000 Scab with a specific weapon. There are many weapons in Darktide, some exclusive to each class, so such a requirement wouldn’t make sense, especially with the new skill tree that makes you choose more specific paths. As for the weekly tasks, they only serve to farm a currency with limited use, mainly spending it at the Melk shop, so they aren’t particularly necessary. It’s more like a help to get better weapons. In that sense, Darktide feels quite empty. It would be great if they introduced a completely free battle pass, like in DRG, so there would be something new each season or more reasons to play beyond improving your equipment. Currently, the only excuse the game has to keep you playing is the RNG of the weapons, but we’ll have to see what they do in the future. Perhaps in 1-2 years, we’ll have a system similar to DRG’s seasons, more weapons, a new class, or a new faction with new enemies. But for now, the game lacks incentives beyond its inherent fun factor.

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Bro are you serious? Just don’t do them if they bother you so much…

Just kidding. We really need rewards for killing Daemonhosts.

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I mean, if you haven’t collected enough currency to buy one thing over the course of a few weeks of gameplay, that’s probably not a problem with the weekly mission objectives. You’d stack up enough of that just by doing the ‘complete missions’ or ‘collect currency’ weeklies.

There are 4 characters and 7 days a week of resets.
I still remember before DT launched that they said we will be able tp ‘target farm’ or smth like that.
This entire system is a giant fomo because either I buy that weapon for a characters worth of weekly quest … but its not the best item, it just has ONE blessing I wanted.
Or I keep the currency cuz tomorrow on a different character there can an item with 2 blessings I want etc etc


You’re not supposed to play all 4 classes. The game is tuned for you to pick one and main it.

If you want to play all 4 you can, but you’re going to either miss out on things or make it your second job.

What :D?
Of course we are ALL supposed to play all classes. They are THERE for us to be played.
I still go back to DRG and “its a different system” argument = well yes, thats my point, its obejctively a better player-centric system.
There is a grind, BUT you can upgrade something after each map and you see clearly how much progress you need to unlock everything else.
Its brilliant

Meanwhile DT is “this is a lottery, you MIGHT get what you want for theese7 yours of grinding … or you might get f-cked”
SO ofc a system that somewhat alleviates the abysmal grinding since you are buying a finished item, is essential.

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Plasteel would be perfect :+1:

Daemonhosts will turn into an endangered species in no time, and no-lights maps will be the most anticipated in rotation.

Please no rewards on DH, they are a stage hazard and a punishment for not paying attention - not a boss to fight.

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i thought all weeklies updated on group activity

what are u on about?
they are ez to complete.

Also melkbucks are useless everything in his shop is trash 90% of time.
Just once in a blue moon buy the blessing u want when it comes up in shop.

had a long hiatus and started after the latest update and got like 20k melkbucks and nothing to spend them on lol

No, the game is clearly designed around the concept of people maining one class at any given time.

Gear acquisition is tuned for it.
The crafting system is tuned for it.
The economy is tuned for it.
The cash store is tuned for it.
And as you’ve discovered, the weekly grind is tuned for it.

Thank GaaS design. It’s all meant to push you toward buying skins and getting you locked into the monetisation flow.

Yes, and luckily after the weight of feedback they have removed idiotic resource silo-ing which made playign multiple characters MUCH better.
Blessings are shared (but imo it should be that ONCE you unlock Slaughtered 4 IT SHOULD be available ON ALL weapons capable of having it)

Stop this anti player nonsense that you pay for a game and its DESIGNED to artificially push you away from playing all the classes it has.

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an idee. make it so 1 one the weeklies gives us like 300 aquilas (300 just to make it somewhat grindy to please our fatshark overlords)

Instead of that, and it being a trash mission, such as the grim/scripture one, change the completion bonus you get from completing all weekly from melk dockets to aquilas.

Also make it so Melks shop cant roll weapons below 370 base rating