Weekly mandatory 'fun' quests need to be changed

I had that happen to me the other day I found a really nice flamer I wanted to get was gonna stay up all night and grind to get it just to see even tho all of the quests I could do were easy to do in a night with a bit of work I had only 15mins to buy it because for some reason fatshark has it so it resets at 8pm est every day but the quests reset weekly

The thing is after playing the game for over a year now with the same maps I don’t want to play the game day to day I tend to pick it up for a day or two and drop it for a week, which means I don’t tend to kill 800 dregs with melee or get a chance to find grimoires and tomes even playing 8 games in one night is not that easy, When the game gets so boring playing the same map doing the same thing fighting the same npcs and mini bosses at the same point of the level to the point you can guess what is gonna happen over and over, Maybe when the game first came out I could do a few of these and not want to paint the wall red but not after a year of the same maps and layout

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