Weapon attachments were not added to the game because "[Darktide] isn't COD, nor was designed to be COD." - Fatshark Hedge

This needs to stay on the top of the forums until the uncomfortable silence by FS on the issue ends.


indeed,they use the same lasgun as the one the guards uses in the morningstar lobby

We wants wappon attachments <3



Well that’s gross but the Lucius shouldn’t need crosshair mod to be visible against 80% of the backdrops in this game. Between that and the hit reg I’m not surprised to see a no aim spraying grind meta develop. Its what they created.

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that foldable stock has to be one of the ugliest attachments I’ve ever seen

There’s a reason why they have a timer on forum threads now…


Autoguns would actually get an independent identity if we could add extended mags or drum mags, flashlights and sights. Right now they are simply slightly worse Lasguns with more recoil and less mag size.


If I could get a standard Agrinipaa with drum mag I’d be in heaven.

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Seems you’re getting a lot of backlash on here, so I just wanted to say I totally agree with your point. I work in PR (not for fatshark) and you get so many negative comments/ dumb questions/ blatant harassment thrown at you constantly. I don’t even think hedge’s reply was that bad, when you consider he’s communicating with neckbeards. Like imagine telling the guy he’s not being professional and courteous, when he is being personally insulted on a daily basis.
After all, he didn’t insult anybody back, he just gave a deadpan reply to an (admittedly) ignorant question

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Scope’s probably added with flash missions as a tier 3 multi archievment rewards (like the helmets one) as unlocks so after that you can buy from melk with melkbucks if in the rotation :clown_face:

How funny. Weapon attachments were planned and announced before they were scrapped. The guy asked because he was very well informed and yet you call him ignorant. Not only that but he was also polite about it, the snark came back from Hedge.
If you work with people, you can’t carry over grudges from one customer to the next. It should be especially easy for Hedge, since he only communicates via written messages with people whom he chooses to respond to.

In addition, you personally take it upon yourself to slander normal customers. Calling them neckbeards, writing it in cursive even so that your disgust is well communicated.

You said you worked in PR? I’d look for a replacement if you worked in my company with such blatantly bad takes on this situation.


‘I work in PR’ proceeds to explain how he would probably be the only worse pick than Hedge for the spot. Seems like your hateful existence is rubbing off into everything, since you literally are admonishing people for sharing your hobby (Warhammer). No, that was a failure from a customer perspective and a PR perspective. Weapon attachments were a hyped up selling point for the game and Hedge’s comments were not even a remotely acceptable substitute and still aren’t. If you can’t see the difference between people expecting too much and them not even getting what they’re told to expect at this point you’re a certified bootlick. Willfully dishonest.


Okay many things:

  • There is a difference between “planned and announced” & “mentioned in a devblog somewhere”, I agree it sucks it’s not in the game but lets not talk about it like it was a huge selling point when it was scarcely mentioned.

-He’s ignorant because he’s asking for a system in which you can fully modify your weapon quote “guns, barrels, scopes, attachments, bayonet, etc.”, something that is completely unexpected from a title/genre like this. Cod made a great improvement, that doesn’t mean this is a de facto standard system.

-He wasn’t polite about it: “was it really that hard to design for you devs?”. If that’s how you view politeness, sure my guy.

-Correct you can’t carry over grudges in this field, it’s not especially easy for written messages, in fact it tends to be harder, because people tend to seem more aggressive when writing rather than speaking. Hedge, however, only matched the energy of the question. Ignorant question, ignorant answer. Let me clarify he wasn’t in his right to answer like that, and it certainly wasn’t the most appropriate answer, but it wasn’t a terrible one either.

-You, me & everyone else in here & other communities are not “normal customers”.

-It’s cursive because it’s what I like to call petty, entitled, “keyboard warrior-esque” gamers, not that they actually all have neckbeards, I apologise if it hit close to home, not intending to offend.

-Yes I work in PR & damn it really sucks to know insert anonymous commenter in a darktide forum would fire me

TL;DR: You’re nitpicking & biased, I win, bye bye

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Honestly I’m convinced we got different announcements & trailers at this point, I followed the release religiously and I do remember attachments being hyped, but not complete modifications to the weapon (as the question was referring to). Considering the cheeky nature of the question ,I understand the deadpan reply- it could’ve been better you’re right, but that’s all I’m getting at. We weren’t getting what we were told, yes, but the original question was expecting too much, don’t get it confused. I’m also reserving my neckbeard term for petty, entitled gamers, not Warhammer nerds, but I’m guessing you just wanted to find a way to fit me within your “hateful existence” narrative . Your hobby can be warhammer without spamming how bad the game, it’s developers & one guy’s comments are. If you wanna avoid looking like a neckbeard yourself, consider leaving only constructive feedback on the game. Don’t assume customers are entitled to what they want and more importantly, ask about it in any tone they want (“customer is always right” only works in restaurants) & stop harassing strangers on the internet will you? I’m not willfully dishonest, I’m willfully annoyed by the aforementioned petty, entitled gamers.

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Even more confirmation that this guy is literally Loaded Assumptions: The Personality yet thinks he isn’t maliciously ill suited to relate to people for work. Irony not found.

Hedge can also choose which messages he replies to. I guarantee you there was not only ‘where’s your game you said you’d make’ comments he could reply to. I guarantee you there were more cordial questions than rude ones, most people actually want a reply lol.

You even mention how this was in fact an advertised feature of the game. So how do you inform people that it was canceled? By insulting them. That was a PR win by you, again just to mention how amazingly bad you are at the concept.

And he’s ‘ignorant’ for asking for the system, as it was advertised. Again you can’t make this up. That poster did not invent the idea to swap barrels, magazines, scopes or bayonets. That is basically that interview verbatim. Apparently he’s just an entitled nerd fool who has too much time on his hands and only hates things because his feedback is not glowing praise. For a ‘correct the record’ post you just confirmed you are a little hateful man hiding behind a monitor loading up horrible assumptions about every other type of person in the world. Get over yourself bro.


That’s fine but you don’t need to take all your frustrations out on random people on the internet.


Got a little bit carried away in the end with the sarcasm I guess :upside_down_face:. Apologies in advance if it was received as being a sign of frustration- kind of proves what I mentioned about text-based discussions being difficult tho; because you can only judge the sentences based on how you’re reading them internally, which naturally leaves a lot of weird assumptions on what the other person thinks & intends.

Regardless, I believe my point(s) still stands

You got 4 paragraphs, I’ll try to answer everything you said chronologically.

  1. I bet that sounded a lot cooler in your head. Fr tho, I think you’ll find both of us are filled with assumptions, there’s no point in claiming you (or I for that matter) know more than the other, we’re working with the same question & the same answer.

  2. He absolutely can and I think you’re correct… How does it discredit what I’m saying? You can’t just jump to a new argument because you’re incapable of conjuring up a solid reply.

  3. I think your iq is much greater than me cus like the last 2 paragraphs, I’m reading this over & over and I just cannot see why/what the actual f*ck you’re talking about. Firstly, I always attempt to be very precise with what I say and what I said was:


You got it confused anyway ight.

As I touched on in previous replies as well, there is a very big difference between what you constitute as an advertised feature, and what the rest of the world does. The average darktide player did not read a steam community post where it was revealed you could switch “5% crits from one weapon to another” (correct me if there was more to that post please).
Secondly, he wasn’t informing and insulting the people. He left a deadpan reply to a–and let me just rephrase that for the fourth time–negatively loaded question.
Thirdly, if you wanna attack some replica of me, out in the cornfield, go ahead, but once again, I am not claiming- and I have never claimed, it was a PR win.

  1. Still wasn’t truly advertised and also downplaying his question to that of asking? Let me lend from another reply:

Stop framing it as if his intentions were pure- I dont need to make anything up. I’m not saying he invented the idea (for the fourth time what are you talking about?). Apparently yes, his comment potrays him very much as an entitled, disrespectful, petty nerd fool, who has too much time on his hands. Seems you are really fond of attacking points I’m not making. Just because something is constructive doesn’t mean it’s glowing praise? You know this right?
I can’t see how I can show myself more without straight up sending you this as a voice memo with a picture of me & a phone number instead, for the fifth time wth are you talking about? Its not assumptions about every other type of person in the world, we’re apart of a very small niche, within an already small sub-community of the community that is warhammer40k.

If you’re not even gonna make an honest try to understand what I’m saying, there’s no point in having this discussion. But feel free to make yet another attempt at slandering a point I’m not making, start a new argument & then insult me, can’t wait. It’s just like that guy I agreed with said, it is kinda fun.
(I sincerely do hope we can at least agree this is a discussion and not an effort to score points tho right?)

Ah yes. The person asking for an advertised feature was disrespectful. Not the CM who attempted to gaslight everyone into thinking attachments were never planned, and certainly not advertised and announced. He’s the one lacking in respect. Not the CM. And certainly not the person who is talking about how others are disrespectful, while calling them neckbeards, entitled, petty, impure intentions and… so many assumptions and labels that it’s starting to become difficult to keep track.

Dunno if obvious troll or not, but you should perhaps take a moment and read the comments you have actually posted. Because, y’know, if someone is coming across as an entitled houlier than thou poohead… I’m pretty sure it’s not the person who asked Hedge a question.