Weapon Customization obviously planned then scrapped

Looking at Hedge’s “This isn’t COD nor was it designed to be like COD” response, the implication is that weapon modification and customization wasn’t part of the “design philosophy” just how “crafting weapons doesn’t make sense in the lore.”

But let’s be real. Look at all the Lasgun and Autogun variants that perform differently and are slightly visually distinct due to different weapon furniture, shorter or longer barrels, different stocks, et cetera.

Seems to me that at first, they were building modifications, attachments, and customization options for the weapons. Then as the game’s development failed to meet the initial release date and not wanting to delay the game any further, they scrapped this and went for the anti-player RNG system.

Customizing your weapons with attachments and mods that could have RNG stats and perks would be extremely satisfying and interesting for continued progression and makes perfect sense for the setting. It also would have allowed for easier content expansion. For example, the Bolter in the game could easily receive combi-attachments as part of an update if they went down this route.

And I believe they were going down this route and then switched to what we have now, which is not very interesting! Optimally, you hoard crafting resources not to use as you level up, but once you’re level 30 and can buy the strongest base weapons to upgrade with said crafting resources. The upgrades are not visible, your weapon looks the same as everyone else’s, instead only performing better based on its randomized statistics, perks, and modifiers.

This is honestly the biggest problem with Darktide, in my opinion.

I believe Fatshark is quite focused on player retention as many mechanics in-game are obnoxious and basically malicious, only justified by the possibility of keeping players in-game for as long as possible or to keep them coming back; maybe even every hour. (The weapon shop timer is a prime example)

But honestly, this only works for short-term player retention. What I mean is that most players will level up their preferred classes and acquire at least satisfactory rolls of their preferred weapons. And then there’s not much to progress towards. Fortunately, the core gameplay is fun, so many will keep playing just to play. That box has been checked.

Still, a better way to have gone about it would have been a new - and fitting - weapon progression system since Darktide is a shooter taking place in a setting where there are millions of guns; and bludgeons; and swords; and other deadly instruments.

Let’s take the lasgun as an example. The base lasgun could easily be extremely customizable. Variants already differ in the amount of ammunition, the amount consumed per shot, the damage, the rate of fire, and so on. Moving these variations to parts and mods that the player has control over them would keep players experimenting for hours and hours.

Plus, the RNG could easily be moved onto those parts and mods, making the upgrades just as time consuming as the current RNG bullsh!t, but without being so blatant and with the pay-off being better and more visible.

In addition, the base version of each weapon would have to be viable on their own, creating less situations where new players take bad rolls of iconic weapons into the game and are afterwards a little disappointed.

The RNG parts the player is working towards - buying from that timer shop, finding in missions, maybe - could have positives and negatives, thoughtful trade-offs the player must consider; and perhaps with enough crafting materials and good luck, those negatives could be removed and the weapon itself purely empowered.

Anyway, this kind of system seems to have been the initial intent and then they abandoned it.

We can hope for basic customization, like the ability to put sights and scopes onto the weapons, and maybe we’ll be able to switch out the flashlights and bayonets, but I doubt it.

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they even provided proof that true weapon customization was built for and i firmly believe the code is still there waiting to be finished, but at this point i have no other reason to think why it isnt done other than fatshark is lazy

What i, and you should Expect from weapon Customization - Warhammer 40,000: Darktide / Gameplay Feedback - Fatshark Forums (fatsharkgames.com)

yes im plugging my thread. it has important info you might need later

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I don’t know how correct that response is, but I feel this needs some context.

The guy who got that response out of Hedge, Green, was a degenerate troll on the steam forums who changed opinion from game/devs great and community is a pile of sht, to game fcking terrible and the devs suck every other thread, and he made a ton of them. He kept changing his username and Profile pic so most people didn’t notice it was the same person unless they clicked through to his profile. He didn’t actually care even slightly about the game and just wanted to anger and manipulate the community as much as possible. Once he got that response out of Hedge he screencapped it and made like a dozen threads about it both mocking people for being CoD kiddies wanting it and raging against the devs for not including it.

I don’t know how accurate Hedge’s response is, but its possible that Green was actually spam demanding CoD level of gun modifiying looking at the screencap, which is actually very extensive and extremely rare in shooters, or hedge was reading quickly and mistook it as that. Either way he may not have had simple sight switching in mind as that is very minor compared to the stuff you can do in CoD.

I’m not sure Hedge can actually refute this because he is not allowed to talk about specific coming features under his NDA, like he wasn’t allowed to talk about the crafting specifics before the crafting blogpost was posted.

We have a ton of signs that there is some kind of sight switching possible, from picatinny rails, to the achievment lasgun icons lacking sights, to a lasgun with no sights in a trailer.

Basically, it would be bad to crucify hedge over what may be a trolls handiwork when we will actually get sights in game at some point.

“I believe Fatshark is quite focused on player retention”

I do wonder if they were, or even cared about this, because the obvious way to increase player retention more than anything is to have procedurally generated maps, which is especially easy to do in a hive city environment.

But then maybe you are right, and they tried this but swtiched part way. I do get this feeling that the scanner Airlocks in the game were actually supposed to be the connection points between different random block sections of maps, so you could enter one and you would pop out into a different random map section. It would be setup like Warframes map generation basically.

But that’s just what I would do to increase player retention, idk if that’s the reality of it.

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still. we dont have any evidence that green at this time was known to be a troll, nor do we know how far he took his weapon customization requests. so all we have to go on is the content of what we know. which was the key altercation, as well as hedge’s not so shiny reputation at the moment.

with that being said. its also decently clear there were at one point going to be a level of weapon attachment customization that they simply didnt deliver on. and in no other post do we see that they admit that they trashed it- or put it on hiatus. rather they approach the subject like we are simply requesting it and it doesnt suit their vision. and i find that kinda repugnant.

they gave us certain expectations in their trailers, promotional content, the list goes on. so i think its entirely reasonable to be asking them where that system went and even go as far as to tell them to finish it. if nothing else to fulfil their end of the bargain myself- and many other paying people like me expected based on their very advertisements

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