Virtue of Stoicism

“50% of damage taken is regenerated as temporary health after 5 seconds.”

First I want to point out how this Virtue actually works. You take damage and a timer of 5 seconds starts. After that time passed you get 50% THP of the hit you took back. BUT if you did take damage during those 5 seconds the Talent resets.
What that means is that if you get hit by an overhead and nearly die to it, but step into gas, or get stabbed by a rat before the 5 seconds passed you get nothing back and the 5 seconds timer will start again for the last hit taken.

I can hardly think of any situation where this is actually of any use as it is right now. The most dangerous damage type to GK is chip damage from gas, stormers, and other sources you can bearly avoid thanks to his no range, talent, passive, and career skill combo.

Reworking this into a Talent something counts the damage taken, and after 5 seconds of not taking any will grant you 50% back as THP would do wonders for GKs survivability and would actually leave you with a choice in that Talent line. Its always Joust right now, since its the only little bit of survivability you can get.


I agree, they should change it a little, but on cata it’s actually really useful, considering a slave rat hits you for like 15 hp. Saved my ass quite a few times on there

To be honest this should be a damage reduction talent,literal knight in armor without any kind of damage mitigation…and no this talent atm does not count as damage mitigation, first as already mention it only recovers the last hit so if you got smacked by a SV but then you took damage from a Ratling you’ll regain like 1-2 HP…instead of ~20-25, and 5 seconds delay is a LOT especially during hordes.
He’s a knight. In (sacred/blessed/whatever) armor…give him endurance…

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They could retain the current idea (which feels in keeping with blessed armour), and just make it activate instantly so effectively all damage to green health leave half that amount as THP. I don’t think this would be too strong? Though obviously very good for mitigating burst damage.

As a side note, has anyone tested whether boon of shallya affects the temp health gained by this talent?


Boon of Shallya always effected temp hp gain too, so I’d say it work with this talen as well.

I believe it’s the worst talent in the row.
It effectively reduces the same amount of damage taken as oblivious to pain but with extra steps and unfortunately can’t prevent attacks that would kill you.

It might be better if it stacked (I.e doesn’t get reset by taking more damage and each attack taken gets converted into 50% thp)
or reworked into a damage reduction talent

Virtue of the Joust can help with thp sustain too if you’re using a shield and stagger thp.

(Didn’t know a thread already existed. Deleted mine and reposting suggestion here)

If Stoicism is meant to allow Grail Knight to have some tankiness without a straight damage reduction, then what if instead of a chaotic talent with low returns it was simplified to: one hit converts hp to thp with a 20+/- second cooldown.

It keeps its “Oops I should have blocked that” kind of talent without rewarding you too much.

It already is a “Oops I should have blocked that”/Safety net talent, just rather messy.
For example, taking a 150 damage hit would result in 75thp returned after 5 seconds.
But getting hit by any other attack will reset the 5 second cooldown and wont return the 75thp of the original attack.

On the other hand a talent like oblivious to pain will straight up reduce damage taken by elites and monsters by 50%.

I know. And I agree, it’s too messy. If you made 1 mistake in Cata then you already made 2, converting the first damage to thp before the second might make for more interesting and immediate damage reduction that’s not a direct comparison to Slayer. The talent’s strength and weaknesses would be obvious and maybe even provide enough protection to save someone during the wind-up for his ult.

It also procs off non-damaging attacks like pushes and probably packmaster dodges as well.

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Oh really? Then it’s even worse than I thought.

Well that might just be a bug, but idk.

At least the talent should be fixed in a way that forces it to take the largest hit into account when giving out the temporary health or simply any hits after should just add up to the health pool and finally given out after 5 seconds.

Sure it would potentially give out insane amount of thp after that 5 second period but having the 5 second period in the first place makes it so that you probably will be only able to use it after combat has already ended.

If the talent just counts every damage taken until you had a 5 second grace period you still just die to mistakes during a fight. You still pay for this Talent with not having Joust, which is a huge price to pay.

Considering that 5 seconds of no combat basically means “you get back health after your fight” you also need to take into account that health will decline until the next encounter. The Talent would be actually usable, but depending on the weapon and situation still be rather inferior to extra Stamina Recovery, which is exactly what a Talent line should offer.
The way it is right now, or even if it would be just counting the latest biggest hit, would not promote it to such a state at all.

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Another possibility is if it counted all the damage taken since the first hit and didn’t re-trigger the timer. It would need some sort restriction since this is approaching 50% damage reduction essentially like only triggers on melee hits (grail knights likely wouldn’t show any stoicism towards ranged specials, and the likes of archers.)

If the Talent would grant 50% of the combined damage one took back after five seconds of not taking any damage, we would have something that adds gameplay value. Altering your situation and play to get the THP is just that.
Not getting any health from special damage would again just put Stamina Recovery on the undisputed first place.

And this provides nothing in situations where we can’t control taking bits of chip damage or from disablers. Once you go down from the timer resetting constantly from taking damage, the talent provided you nothing. Barkskin should keep you fairly safe from any sort of damage you would take from specials and this talent should help against hordes and elites. I think we all agree that this talent needs some adjusting but it gets very close to too much DR if made the way the tooltip reads.

Does it though? It’s not preserving green health, it’s giving temp health, which decays. Preserving half of your green health as white health is actually a 0% damage reduction if nothing hits you before the thp decays.

You could leave the talent as is, but make it activate instantly for each instance of green health damage, and it still wouldn’t be anywhere near a 50% DR in practice.

So you want it to do nothing if you only took temp health damage? I think that would be worse generally. What I meant is if you had a good chunk of temp health and got hit for less than that chunk, that’s 50% DR after the 5 seconds.

I was under the impression it already didn’t work on thp damage to be honest, so my bad. In that case I can see your point. It still stops functioning much like damage reduction as soon as you are taking damage to green health, because again, what’s preserved will decay anyway, so I still don’t think it’d be too much DR if it worked like the talent description.