Virtue of Discipline

“Timed blocks increase power level by 20% for 6 seconds.”

Why is this in the only defensive line the GK has? There is no objective reason to ever take this Talent since what the GK severely lacks is defense of any sort or form.

GK suffers from situations he cant get rid of the gas rats, or stormers, and gets caught while fighting armored, or zerker waves. The only option right now is to have picked Joust and push your way out of there. Joust is also in the very most cases the better offensive Talent since there is a whole bunch of weapons who require you to use the push attack.

Virtue of Discipline should be something like “Grants 30% DR on Elite, or Special kill for 10 seconds”, or even a “Grants 1% DR per Elite kill up to 30%DR”.

Shade has easy access to 20% DR, while having the same killing power, with an Ult that also can be used as survival tool, while also having a ranged weapon. BH has the later suggestion as a Talent. Slayer has easy access to 40% DR and a potential range weapon, while having access to a mobility career skill that also increases attack speed by 30%. I dont see why GK shouldnt have some form of DR, or how the current Talent has any right to be ever picked in the GK current state.


Discipline’s current implementation would be nice as a completely free bonus passive, but as an actual talent choice it’s just a bad version of WHC’s Riposte, a talent that very few other than myself actually pick (and I recognizse it’s sub optimal). You’re right, it clashes with the defensive theme on that row, and would work better if it could be used alongside Joust.

I’d like to keep it in some form but there needs to be changes. Some damage reduction for ranged attacks (i.e. 50% for ratlings/fire/gas/(maybe blightstorms?), adjusted for balance ofc).

Edit: Maybe the ability to parry ratlings with all weapons? A bit anime-ish, but it would help him play without a shield.