Virtue of Stoicism (Grail Knight) feedback and idea

So I think it’s fair to say most people have realized that Virtue of Stoicism (50% thp returned on damage taken after 5 seconds) is a relatively lackluster talent in terms of how it works: the timer will reset if you take damage and it’ll only heal the last instance of damage you took in those 5 seconds, no matter how small that instance may be (gas tick, a single ratling bullet, an archer’s shot etc.) and so in gameplay it ends up feeling pretty meh in the thick of combat where such chip damage is pretty hard to avoid without disengaging completely or just holding block with a shield for 5 seconds after eating an overhead like some sort of ironbreaker bot.

Idea on how to make the talent both more viable and more engaging:

The talent could be reworked to work similar to the rally mechanic in bloodborne wherein you can regain an amount of lost health by dealing damage within 5 seconds of losing it. Here’s a basic description on how it works:
“To regain your health, you must successfully execute one or several attacks on an enemy within 5 seconds after being hit. You can only regain the HP lost from the last hit that connected. Heavy damage quickly followed up by a light hit will negate your chance to regain. The rally slider on the health bar is seen as an orange color next to the red health you currently have. Heavy attacks will regain more HP than light attacks, but dps should be the deciding factor to the amount regained.”

This would be a significant improvement over the current version of the talent in that you’d be able to regain 50% of the health you lost as thp much more easily/quickly but you’d still retain the weakness that is you can only regain 50% of the damage from the last hit that connected meaning you’ll still get punished if you aren’t quick enough off a big hit or try to mindlessly hit trade. The talent would reward melee aggression and still encourage avoiding damage but give you a much more interactive safety net when you do take significant damage.

Right now with the current Virtue of Stoicism you recover 50% of the health lost from the last damage taken AFTER 5 seconds. With the version I’m proposing you’d be able to regain UP TO 50% of health lost WITHIN 5 seconds.

How much would you recover per attack while rallying? I don’t know, that would be up to fatshark to determine the numbers.

What do y’all think?


Sounds interesting, kinda like the idea.
It could be made more simple e.g increased healing received by _% for x seconds after taking damage.

Another option could be reworking to play to his strengths (Killing, he has high single target damage) or give more benefits from his duties, bonuses exclusive to him.

Killing an enemy reduces damage taken by _% for x seconds. Stacks up to _.
Completing a duty grants damage reduction to Kruber. Lasts until end of level or death.

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I actually really do like the idea, but I fear that this could be more development that it looks like.

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Simpler solution would, imho, be to just put it in reverse:
Receive 50% of damage received back as temporary health. Can only trigger once every 10 seconds.
Could also be linked to current health: Only triggers on attacks that deal more than half your current health.