Virtue of Audacity (double hit talent) suggestion

I love Virtue of Audacity, it makes me feel like a badass. The only reason I never play it is that it (almost) locks you in place for 4 seconds (you can cancel the stab with a block but why do you play the talent if you do?). The camera seems like it’s chained down and it can lead to a lot of gruesome deaths especially if you tried picking off some elites in a horde or try to hit the boss. Sometimes the knockback from the first hit pushes the boss so far away you miss the stab, it feels kinda wonky, especially considering that this is a boss killing talent.

My suggestion would be, make it like a bright wizards Lvl 25 talent. Make it so you do the overhead and you have like 5 to 10 seconds to cast the stab and then it would go on cooldown. I think it would make the talent much safer and also make people whiff less stabs on bosses. (I definitely know it would help me out a lot). The swipe rn is very good because it’s fast, kills multiple elites (but only 1 CW, which is completely fine) and staggers a lot of enemies in front of you. While the double hit is a strong talent, in my opinion, the swipe outshines it because it is more versatile and much safer. I think we can closer the gap between those two a bit.

Any feedback, suggestions?


When I first played Grail Knight I kept using my career skill two times believing it worked like Burnout from Battle Wizard. This idea would improve Virtue of Audacity tremendously, a much needed QoL improvement.

Letting you use Blessed Blade a second time within a timeframe would fix the main issue with Virtue of Audacity: it’s vulnerability window. Also, it doesn’t interfere with Virtue of Confidence because even if you choose when to use the second attack (stab) it still won’t have the same AoE clear or stagger potential as Virtue of Confidence. They’ll still work within their respective niches, but the discrepancy in cost and benefit between both talents will be much more even.

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