Vet nerfed to the ground with new talent tree

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Honestly i love weapon specalist combo’d with the middle tree. Voice of command works well for me as an on command “i messed up” button because i get flamed all the time. Carnival Auric something or rather.

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A large part of the problem is that smoke grenades and the auras that are not survivalist feel not worth taking in petty much all builds imo. This leads to wasting so many points moving back and forth through the tree. Take for example the scenario where i want to run stealth +krak +survivalist. I have to waste a point to move over to survivalist, then i have to waste 2 more points to grab stealth. And if i want grenade regen too thats another point down the drain. This type of thing happens alot because you never want to take anything other than survivalist unless you are confident you can conserve your ammo (then why are you playing vet then?). Another scenario the tree really stretches you thin is if you want melee bleed and survivalist you have to waste at least 2 points. This type of scenario just feels bad and is very common now.

Furthermore, previous staples like elite damage and ogryn damage are too far down the tree now.

I also dont really get why the ult modifier talents were nerfed so hard. Maybe marksman, because it was far and away the strongest of them, but the other two were just ok before being massively nerfed.

I actually really like all of the keystones though.


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