Most Fun Vet Build I've Made so Far (Please don't change Weapon Specialist Keystone)

Yesterday I was thinking to myself that the Weapon Specialist keystone might lend itself more to a 60% ranged 40% melee hybrid build more so than a full 50/50 or more melee focused build. While unfortunate that it can’t be used with more ranged weapons because of the tree placement, I remembered that the Onslaught talent pairs very will with the Infantry Auto Guns, so made this build around it.

It’s still not in a perfect state, and if the vet tree was designed better it would be even better it still feels great.

For example when Ex takedown gets fixed, I would much prefer to take that and volley adept over close order drill and CK just to deal with shooter hordes easier.

You can take frags or kraks, the choice is yours and they both slot in perfectly on this build.

Here is the gun I use. I also tried the Graia and liked it. Agrippina might be great but its slower reload hampers the aggressive playstyle of this build a bit. I’ll try it when I can take Volley Adept to see how it preforms.

However by and large the easy star of the show:

It is NASTY how well the Rashad preforms with the right side vet tree. The extra attack speed, crit chance and finesse bonus, the brittleness exploit weakness gives, serrated blade for horde clear, paired with precision strikes on the left side make this thing an absolute monster at almost any job. Whether light attacking hordes or heavy spamming elites and bosses, if you can chain headshot hits you will kill them.

Additionally its special action can stagger every melee elite besides Bulwarks, which is crucial for survivability.


Apply this all with the attack speed weapon specialist gives you and you will make Zealots cry with the smackdown you will apply. And since the melee specialist buff lasts until you pull out your melee weapon, you will have it when you need it.


I’ve seen lots of people complaining about weapon specialist, and I understand where some of this frustration comes from. However with only putting 1 talent point into specialist I don’t worry about keeping 100% uptime on the buffs. You don’t need to do that. You can have melee specialist when you need it, and ranged specialist is nice but not necessary to always keep up.

But play aggressively. This is very much a close to medium range bruiser type of build. While the focus is on the Columnus with Execution Stance and onslaught, if a group of enemies tries to jump you don’t be afraid to pull out your axe and go to town on them, especially chaff enemies. While for melee elites it is best if you can kill them with ranged before they get on top of you, this build is designed to still be able to handle them when they get in close and support your other melee team mates, or if the situation requires it be a temporary front line, using the killing power of the kraks or the stagger of the frags to support you.


I mentioned it before but the other 2 Infantry Autos will work great, although with how aggressively I play this the short range killing power of the Columnus works great. I was hoping the Recon Lasguns would also fit but I was very disappointed with them. The enemy health changes have not been kind to them. A 1a Infantry Lasgun might be ok but 1. I wouldn’t recommend it until Ex Takedown gets fixed and 2. It won’t benefit from Onslaught as much. An infantry 4 las might be great but I don’t want to give myself Carpal tunnel.

For melee, the Chainsword, Catachan Swords, and Tac axes should all theoretically be strong as well, specifically the chainsword although I haven’t had a chance to try it yet. It’s hard to switch off the Rashad on this build for how great it feels.

For the Frag vs Krak discussion, it mostly comes down to team comp and how much you actually trust your team. Frags are amazing at creating space and halting a beat down group, but if your team doesn’t have the AP (or skill) to deal with them even after a stagger stick with kraks.

Although in a pinch your Column can do some close range AP as well:


A quick selection of Scoreboards to show that this isn’t just on paper talk. All missions are Auric Damnation, some with a 4 man and some with pubs:

This was a monstrous specialists game (One of the hardest Maelstrom modifiers IMO, the one that has Waves of Specialists, Monstrous Specialists, Nurgle’s Blessings, Only Scab enemies and enhanced blitz.). I used frags for this game. A common theme among these scoreboards is that this build is great for clearing both ranged and melee trash.

(This was a 4 man, Ogryn had to leave computer due to personal reasons so weren’t playing for part of the match.)

(Game crashed mid session so this is a friend’s scoreboard which is placed out different.)

Closing Thoughts:

As you can see by the scoreboards this isn’t the strongest build in the game, You’re not going to top every single damage type and get the most kills of every enemy type. But you are extremely flexible and can adapt to any situation. You can put out good damage in any scenario and support your team in ranged and melee, killing specialists, shooters and elites at ranged and holding your own and clearing significant chaff in melee.

Just wanted to share this build because I was having a lot of trouble with making vet work after the new tree dropped and getting a bit frustrated. This is one of my favorite builds across all 4 characters and feels great to use. I hope if you do end up using it you have as much fun with it as I have. Thanks for reading if you made it this far through my inane rambling.



I don’t play vet much so I can’t give good feedback, but I tried this out and had a ton of fun. It was also my first time using autoguns and rashad.

I’ve usually stayed away from executioners stance because I’ve felt like I’ve struggled to chain it consistently with other guns (yeah, im bad), but with this setup I felt like an absolute menace in shock troop gauntlet. Rashad also felt very nice for horde clear with the attack speed from Weapon Specialist, and I was pleasantly surprised with how quickly I could tear through maulers and crushers with heavies when necessary. The only real downside is lack of grenade regen.

Overall, I had a blast trying it out and I’m excited to have another playstyle for my vet. Thanks a bunch for sharing this!

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Id suggest anyone who goes right branch to try out knife, it’s so good and not even because of the damage, but because of the crazy mobility with heavy attack spam.
You basically can always choose your engagement distance because of that.

I even been able to out kite DH one time, while my whole team was dead. He just leaved over time

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Hehe, I figured I’d hate this build, but its a good laugh!

Thanks for posting it, I genuinely had a blast last night using it.

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Really happy you enjoyed this, and it’s great you were able to leverage Executioner’s Stance fully!

So something I’ve been workshopping is what agile engagement and serrated blade actually add to this build. I need to do more games and testing, but you could 110% remove those 2 talents to get demolition stockpile for regenning nades. I wouldn’t get ride of the passive node above it however because 10% melee damage is really nice.

Just out of personal preference I don’t like the knife but it is viable. However I would say that while it does get you a lot of personal survivability, Rashad lets you go into the thick of melee and stop bad situations from occuring in the first place. I think running Knife on Vet definitely has a place and a time, but I don’t think I would like it on this build.

Happy you were able to enjoy it. And I did want to say to you at some point that I feel we were both right about the Vet argument the first day the patch dropped. While giving it some time there are good and strong builds emerging like I said, there is a lot of frustration and bad design decisions you have to work around to get to that point, as well as certain builds really not feeling as strong as they should.

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Yeah, I think you’re spot on. My initial reaction was too heated for sure, but you were right that with time fun things have emerged. I will say, despite how much I’m having fun with it, I think we both agree that with some more room to move points around, it would go from good fun to great fun.

No doubt Fatshark is hearing some of this, a mixture of frustration but also some enjoyment too.

Feels like its been that way for a year now. Sigh.


You are 100% right. If I had 2-4 more points I could get grenade regen and/or deadshot plus stamina regen when switching to your melee weapon (on the specialist keystone) this build would absolutely shine. I still may try getting rid of all the talents to the right of frag nades and Survivalist and try that out but it would give up some of the melee power I am very fond of.

Really hit the nail on the head.

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Thanks, might give this a try and see how it works out.

Not sure how it’s going to feel since i tend to use grenades fairly often but I’ll at least give it a good try.

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Same thing as I told Aiso, you should be able to give up agile engagement and serrated blade if grenades are an important part of your playstyle. I hope you enjoy it!

I have this love hate relationship with Weapon Specialist, because exactly that does not happen reliably. When I do the old get ten stacks, swap to kill special, swap back to melee stack up, swap to kill special dance, which the Keystone is made for, I lose the melee buff for a couple of cycles before it spoils me with its presence again. (I can probably share some footage tomorrow, or people can just use shadowpay/relive and watch five minutes of their own game.)

The description reads like it should be up every time the melee weapon gets swapped in, but there seems to be some sort of cooldown on it. I dont know if it is bugged, or it is supposed to be like that, but it is kind of annoying to not be able to trigger the buff reliably.

Thanks for posting @dragomusic! Glad to see a viable post-patch build that doesn’t start with “use a plasma gun”. I also appreciate marrying executioner’s stance to an aggressive cqc build. Definitely a breath of fresh air.

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The worst thing is that the Executioner’s Stance doesn’t activate the Weapons Specialist for ranged weapons (only manual switching).


Yeah praying that gets fixed along with exhilarating next patch. Would also much prefer if the guaranteed crit on first shot was changed to like +30% crit chance for the 5 second duration at max stacks.

Now just imagine with a compressed tree having enough points to grab some weapon specialist sub nodes with this build.

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This has never happened to me to my knowledge. Will keep my eye open for it in the future.

That’s very annoying. Will take a look and may make a bug report for it.

The ranged side of it definitely needs some love.

Yeah I was talking with Crayvun earlier that if there was more points or some nodes were compressed into each other this build would go from great to amazing. Hopefully we get some changes along those lines in the December update. At least Ex takedown got fixed.

I figured it out in the meantime. Watching some footage helped.

You need to kill something with your gun before swapping back for the melee buff to trigger. If you miss, or knock the target down and not kill it, changing to melee will not grant you the buff.

Sounds minor, but it happens. Seems like a weird restriction anyway.

Who knows if that’s a bug or a feature. It would be interesting to know if “On your toes” only can get triggered when the buffs trigger. Kind of hard to make out, especially since the Talent seems bugged atm.

It’s in the description of the damn keystone what do you mean who knows if it’s a feature???



Looks like my text processing unit jammed at that part.

When Iam at Hadron to get that fixed, I will ask her for a spare bracket.


Quick update to the post EX Takedown hotfix build:

Switched out close order drill and Confirmed Kill for Longshot and Ex Takedown for more damage on the Column and being able to take down basic shooters more consistently and safely.\

I replaced Serrated Blade as it really wasn’t helping much (Thanks to Ovenproof scoreboard plugin for showing me that) so I replaced it with Skirmisher, which is at the bottom of the right side tree.

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