Any Commando Vets Out There?

I’m just looking to see how many people play the right side of the vet tree. I can’t see the appeal of having to be constantly swapping weapons to get the most out of my character.


There are some passives from that side of the tree (in combination with the middle path) that make autoguns just shred… I don’t have any desire to fully invest in that tree as the playstyle doesn’t appeal to me, but applying brittleness on repeated hits in combination with rending is pretty bonkers.

Seeing this go away wouldn’t be a bad thing IMO since autoguns feel like they out-perform even heavy hitters like the Bolter and Plasma Gun.

I’ve got a knife/revolver zealovet build that I mostly ran for the lulz originally but it honestly turned out to be one of my favorites. Being able to quick swap both weapons and always have at least one chamber loaded to pop specials with is pretty great. Don’t usually run it on auric, not because it isn’t capable but because people will frown in the ready screen.

You rang?

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Ah yes, the game that unabashedly ripped off Warhammer 40k!

I blame GW for their lack of foresight (per usual) and Blizzard for now making games that are giant piles of garbage instead of awesome cinematics.


I have a quite successful shovel loadout.
And melee + revolver is also great. I’m not actually using the keystone, of course, but other than that, it works quite well.

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Couldn’t agree more…

Really, you gotten comments on your builds in ready screen?

I never have and I’ve run some wonky builds lol.

Virtually all my vet builds go to the right side yes. At least on T5+ switching between melee and ranged is normal especially as a vet.

While I do like to pick Agile Engagement (+25% dmg on other weapon for 5s on kill), I tend to ignore its timer and just focus on Weapons Specialist instead. Since WS starts only after you switch your weapon, it basically boils down to a simple “shoot something every 10s between meleeing things” to keep using its buffs.

I’ve experimented quite a bit with the vet but the other keystones just aren’t worth it at all. At least normally and on other classes I find variation fun so I make different builds just for something different, but with vet I’ve made dozens of builds and run them on T5+ that used either Exec stance and/or the other 2 keystones and every single one of them sucked and was the opposite of fun. So really, for me Weapons Specialist and that massive melee buff on the way there is the only option unless you go for more of a generalist build with no keystones at all.

My issues with the rest are that:

  • Exec stance gives such a measly little bonus, runs out in an instant if even 1-2 enemies decide to start animating randomly to evade your shots or go hide behind corners (which they often do), and is canceled if you switch to melee which on T5+ with random trash or soundless specialists spawning behind you at every turn is about all the time. Also, simply by picking it you lose out on VoC or stealth, both of which bring infinitely more utility, defense & survivability, and teamplay potential.
  • Marksman’s Focus requires constant headshots or you lose your mobility, with those enemies animating randomly and reacting to team stagger often making it impossible when I need it the most. The only alternative then is to pick Camouflage, but that forces you to stand like a turret or crouch everywhere. With how important constant mobility and positioning is in the game, and how 90% of the time as a non-plasma vet you need to work around bodyblocking teammates, that’s just nothing short of a recipe for pure pain.
  • Focus Target is actually great on its own. But that’s not how I use tagging at all. I use tag to paint targets from a crowd, spam it a few times to indicate big specialist+ clusters for my team, point out a dog or a mutie my team might have missed that’s making its way to them etc. This keystone basically forces me to choose between stacking it before tagging for max dmg buffs, or spamming it on whatever we are currently shooting at over and over to get the buffs from Target Down. It’s completely counter-intuitive to how I play and tag things, and just makes the gameplay feel horrible and restricted.

So Weapons Specialist it is.

Imo they should change all of the things above. Exec stance should come with the old Camo built in, so as long as it’s on most enemies will ignore you and let you shoot. I’d also love to see the old instant reload subtalent added into it. Marksman’s Focus should lose the whole “must stand still” thing entirely, and rather work like Disrupt Destiny on psykers does, where each weakshot hit would stack it up and every few seconds between those it would start to lose stacks. Then be rebalanced around that with slightly nerfed bonuses if necessary. And Focus Target should lose the whole timer feature altogether. Let people spam it or leave it on, same buffs either way, then rework its buffs around that.

In my opinion, that is. xD


Yes I do not play in my underwear when on my vet.


Yes - here’s the build I use:

Pretty fun. Two charges on the stealth skill is amazing - great ability to clutch revives and reposition when you need to. Really do want to bounce between melee and ranged to take advantage of all the damage buffs. It’s fun but high-energy build.


Looks like a solid build, I’ll have to try this sometime.

Yeah… kinda why I’m a fan of the Helbores. Partial charge = teammate penetration.
Finally using an autorifle and VOC lately, been a riot. Vastly outstrips my “marksman helbore” build but Every damned Ogryn and their mum loves to walk directly into friendly fire.


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Couldn’t agree more. I realize at this point putting in damaging FF is out of the question but repeated friendly fire really should suppress teammates for that annoying twitchy effect where they can’t aim. Something that can’t be used for trolling, but more than annoying enough to force people to notice and at least try to avoid blocking as many friendly shots as they can.

It’s definitely one of the biggest issues for why I can’t stand playing vets. It doesn’t even need to happen often (except it really does, all the time). Even just a few perfect weakspot shots against a priority target being ruined by random teammate running through you and blocking the entire hallway every once in a while builds up. Autofire weapons are one thing, but especially headhunters, laspistols, Kantrael lasguns etc. are something I honestly just consider useless if your team has 1+ oggies.

It’s one of the things I love about psykers. Stuff like this is just not something I need to worry about.

Anyway, obviously I don’t blame the players. Most of them just don’t know any better and it requires a lot of awareness, consideration for others, and experience in gaming in general to develop the sense to fight on the sides as opposed to dead center. And the tiny little visual cue or a random comment here and there that the game gives us do absolutely nothing to help people become aware that they’re blocking FF.

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Consider how GW unabashedly takes from so many sources almost 1 to 1 I think it’s almost impossible to somehow shut that down in court if that’s what you are getting at.

They/Blizzard could have made the same claims about being inspired by Dune, Rome, WW I & II, Dune, LoTR, Rome, Isaac Asimov’s Foundation Series, and Dune.

Also Dune.

Don’t mistake me for a Blizzard fan boy. I really (really) don’t like them.

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It’s definitely an acquired taste, but if you enjoy the old V2 playstyle of “melee most of the time, switch to ranged just to kill key targets” style, it fits pretty well.

If the weapon specialist keystone gave as much benefit for ranged play as it does to melee, instead of just using ranged kills as a refresh button, I’d personally enjoy it. As it is, it doesn’t really suit me.

There’s nothing new under the sun. 40k is just a giant pile of bits and pieces of other stories and settings and franchises mashed together, to say nothing of Fantasy.


True true, but it’s done a good job of piling everything together to make many old things into a singularly unique IP (40k at least, I mostly dislike the mostly generic fantasy setting of WH).

Their devs have gone on record stating they were extremely into tabletops and specifically cited 40k as a source. To the extent that fledgling Blizzard approached GW about acquiring a license-- which fell through because GW was (still is by my estimation since they buy out then shut down fans’ work when it gets popular enough) fairly draconian with their desire to force folks into adhering to their specific stories and lore rather than making their own…

Hence 'nids that are Zerg, The Imperium of Man are Terrans and the Aeldar are Protoss. Unique enough spins, but the Zerg and tons of the Terran stuff are fairly blatant (unit-wise), buildings etc are different.

Primarily dune with a helping of LOTR and a bunch of other bits and bobs thrown in.
Though warcraft/starcraft were flat out warhammer/40k rip-offs with just some names changed, i could have sworn the actual “mistake” on GWs part back then was going “eh, it’s a small game company, it’s not worth litigating them to the ground” and settling with Blizzard without any kind of royalty agreement, and then WoW happened afterwards.

What might correctly be called a big money oopsie.

Probably why they still act like a corporation with legislative PTSD when it comes to going after people with lawyers these days.
(and why we apparently can’t have nice things like astartes or TTS anymore)

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It’s actually hilarious that the same thing happened to Blizzard with DOTA, and they reacted the same way. You can’t make mods or anything for their games anymore without accepting the “agreement” that they own everything you do.