Feedback on new vet buff

Let me begin by saying “I was fine with the previous vet skill tree.”

But I can appreciate an even better version. Now, we get access to more desired skills without wasting points on basic stats, that’s pretty nice.

I love it! However, where is AUTO RELOAD for Executioner’s Stance?? LOL
Come on FatShark!


i mean if this is what the playerbase thinks more power to them, glad they happy

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Just for my curiosity, you prefer basic stats over passive skills?

Personally, the two basic stats I value the most are atk speed and combat regen speed. None of which are in the trees. It has to be passive skills and combat regen from curios.

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They’re not the most exciting, but they are pretty valuable.

I’ll be interested to see what kind of builds can be made with the freed up points. 17 points to get to Marksman’s Focus/Weapons Specialist or 18 for Focus Target is very welcome, instead of 20 IIRC

yes, 100%, stats like hp and thougness are important, they also influence the effectivness of your curios

anyways i just cheked, the stat nodes are the same as patch 15, they didn’t change that one

they kept all the talents aswell, but they made them optional at least, i think the new tree is fair enough

also you can touch all 3 of the orange talents now, this is so weird, could be super strong

and my boy is back in my builds, i missed him


exe stance still a joke, but this is faaaaaaar better than i’ve expected


Looks promising. I’d still like to see higher base toughness for Veteran but excited to see what can be built now.


The branches at the bottom of the tree are much better now, I recreated my pre patch build exactly and received a discount of 1 point because I’m no longer forced to buy Born Leader as a prerequisite.

The other parts of the veteran tree are still pretty chuffed though, having to spend more than a third of my points budget on stat nodes is pretty bs.


Yeah, definitely. I was surprised too. I’m glad they really listen to players’ feedback.

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If you unironically think this you need more time at the range

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its a joke cause i can do better without it

Well than that’s more of a personal thing than a balance issue.

with bolter which is the weapon that would benefit the most from it

No it wouldn’t because it priorities weakspot hits to get the most out of it. Bolter can really only consistently get weakpoint hits on bosses.

as if the biggest complain i hear about the bolter isn’t his draw animation, that can be skipped with exe stance, or the recoil

with the extra zoom and special highlight you can get all the headshots you want aswell

what are we talking about

You still have all the jank ads issues.

You not understanding and/or appreciating Executioner’s stance.

Its because Fatshark Devs clearly never went to the range, you need to aim in between the 2 big dots on the sides, and the sight is just covering the enemies from distance, its just bad modelling


if you aim with this you just body shot

it sucks, its bad, but if you know your weapon you get used to it
they should just do this, to fix it


so you can actually see what you are shooting at

I believe Exe Stance has its uses and can actually deal significant damage. However, is that what people prefer? I’m afraid not. The other two ults are what most players find success with, and for good reason. Do I think people can run Exe Stance and do really well with it? Definitely, at least I’m confident I can.

Personally, I feel that the weakness in the Vet skill tree lies in the Keystones (the last purple abilities).

Just cleared the new map in Auric 5 Shocktroop. Didn’t spec into a single keystone.

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I don’t mean to be an Eldrad




Or you know… you can use Bindon Aiming Concept. Like an ORK :smiley:
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gotta say i like having more than a handful of points left over if i want to hit any of the capstone buffs, i’m already seeing more of the tag talent being used

however my biggest issue with the veteran now is 2/3rds of their auras are just bad. i would be in favour of confirmed kill and demo team being moved to auras, being able to restore some toughness for the whole team on special kill would be useful and i miss being able to feed my ogryn grenades (even if demo team is reworked to something like “restore 33% of grenades” so it takes 3 procs for the big boomer)

yes, you see, this is the issue i’m addressing, the model is calibrated wrong

its not even shooting up, its like this


or this if you want to look it that way


what you see is this


like in this picture i took


but to aim it properly (in the videogame) you just need to look at the big circles on the sides

it should be like this instead

but this is the ingame model we have from the point of view

can you see the red line?


this is what you get in game

red line

of course its no big deal from 10 - 20 meters, but bolter is meant to be shot with precision from 2km, this just won’t do

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