Vet skill tree rework

So by vet skill tree rework they meant taking vet out back and shooting them in the back of the head like they did flash missions.

Like they barely reworked the tree added some meh keystones and didn’t address the arbitrary length of the end of the vet tree’s branched with the arbitrary stat nodes so it’s still incredibly restrictive compared to the other classes. The rework fixed nothing other than nerf good perks into the ground

Absolute fatshark moment.


i’m gonna put this is every vet topic i see, in the chance that fatshark puts it back in the game:

give the vet back sustained fire.

i would play this dumpster class if they just had this skill lol

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Alrighty after listening to my friend who is a vet main go through some serious conniptions with the veteran class and reviewing the tree myself. I got to agree with the general public here. It’s… Bad LoL. OG veteran pre overhaul was the best vet class for Sharpshooters.

Post Overhaul. It lost a little bit of it’s original identity. While some of the paths for vet are ok and I’m sure still very fun ( I like the grenade spamming vet) the sharpshooter path is horrible and doesn’t translate well into the game. The points don’t allocate well on sharpshooter build. And to use the focus mechanic you got to go stealth ( cause the game forces you to move at all time without it) which eats up a lot of points. With the overhaul vets also lost the instant reload on volley fire so they neutered bolter vets crusher/ elite wave clearing potential.

It’s just doesn’t seem to be looking good for the sharpshooter specialization. They are not the high threat target eliminating powerhouses they used to be.

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