Do NOT Rework the Veteran skill tree!

Fatshark has said that they are working on a revamp for the verteran skill tree. At first glance it makes sense as vets do not have any keystones, but after diving into the options available I can firmly say that vet has the best skill tree in the game.

Veterans skill tree is filled with useful tool for you to choose from. Reload speed perks offset some weapons and fully enhance the viability of other weapons. Rending perks allow you to use unconventional weapons to shred armor. Movement speed, sprint cost reduction, and damage stacks on sprint allow you to customize how much movement you need and how much your build revolves around it. And beyond just the effect, the placement of skills leads to interesting choices and sacrifices. Rechargeable grenades seems like a perk that is too good to pass up, but in some build experimentation Ive found that just a few more points in the later tree would make the build and revamped the build slightly to accommodate the loss of grenades. The trade off being the build now melts crushers with an infantry autogun. The tree is incredibly versatile and potent in select costly areas.

For comparison Ogryn tree is at the opposite end of the spectrum. Left is melee, middle is protection, and right is ranged. All tree are essentially that kind of make up, but ogryn is so rigid and so specific with its playstyle that there is no reason to cross tree. If you are a melee ogryn then going cross tree to gunner would most certainly make your build worse, not better. Protection is universally useful, but the whole of that tree has next to no interactions with weapons. Having experimented on my own and even looked up builds, Ive found only two novel interactions. Blocking gunfire with a shield aggros gunners into melee and power mauls activated strikes benefit from 20% explosion radius increase. The former is intended and the latter is interesting but useless.

Vet tree does not need a revamp, Ogryn does!


I disagree, the veteran has too many of its passives moved onto tax nodes (of which it has a significantly amount more than all the other archetypes), its current endpoints are all boring +power/damage ability modifiers and most useful talents are buried in the exclusive parts of the tree with some hefty point taxes bloating them up. The design of a lot of the talents are also too restricted in being tied to on kill, leading to a lot of instances of negative feedback when the talents never activating if you don’t get the killing blow, which is unnecessarily competitive in a co-op game.

Building a specialist veteran sacrifices too much in any areas they’re not specialised in while their performance is generally only somewhat better than a generalist build in the other archetypes, and being a specialist is generally not something to build for if you queue for random teammates.


I just want a ranged specialist build that isn’t attached to a bunch of lasgun/weakspot talent taxes.


I second this. Nowadays the only true ranged spec build without much obligatory jank is possible for Ogryn (of all things) but not vet.

PS: If only Orgyn ranged keystone wasn’t a complete shite, I’d roleplay my Ogryn as a sharpshooter all day.

Dont Agree at all. Ogrynis fine. You can do Ranged Tank which is super nice to play!

The Tree is fine as it is. Obvioulsy there has been more time implemented than Vet on Ogryn Tree to make certain Nodes accesable for whatever “Class” you gonna play.
Saying this ans Main Ogryn!

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Yeah nice try, not falling for rage-bait this obvious.


The veteran tree is nowhere near as tree exclusive as you think. I would highlight the double rend lasgun build as an example.

If you are willing to make sacrifices early in the tree you’d be surprised what you can get later. This is important to note as shredder grenades are wholly inferior to other grenade options. Much like the build highlighted above, you would only take them to save points for a power spike later.

Your opinion about “on kill” effects is also short-sighted imo. While it does create a slight pvp dynamic, these perks scale incredibly well with difficulty. On auric dam/mael, they act as a constant reward for neutralizing threats to your team.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not advocating for the boring endpoints we have now. I think there’s a pretty strong argument to be made against taking them in favor of other high-powered nodes in other trees. But if they revamp the vet tree and they shift that power to the end points, we are going to see less diverse builds not more.

I don’t mind a rework; the Veteran tree is kind of wacky at the moment, and also the Keystones should be there if all the other classes have them.

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None of the trees are really “great”, they all have deep fundamental RPG design flaws and optimal/suboptimal lines, stupid sink points, etc.

The Vet tree is definitely the worst however and in dire need of a rework, and most of the “cross treeing” you do is painfully forced, trying to get basic class defining skills that were split up to create an illusion of choice, where the end-tree abilities are largely…pointless (I don’t run any of them on any build for my Veteran), and the entire right tree mostly just a gimmick line that mostly serves as a sink for some Rending builds. Even worse, attempting to cross over lines is by far the most difficult on the Veteran because the lowest linkover is like halfway up the line, locking many abilities deeeeeeeep into trees.

The Ogryn at least is viable on all three trees.


I have been having a lot of success with this that I made:

I don’t care for the shredder grenade but to get ammo regen and other talents and have points left over for what I want I need to grab it.

The weakpoint damage at the end also applies to melee which is nice.

I use chainsword (wrath and bloodletter) and revolver (hand cannon and surgical, perks crit chance and crit damage if you can manage it) with it.

Pretty simple and effective.


This is virtually identical to my plasma build tbh - if you’re not going lasgun there’s a limit to what you can really achieve for maximum results ig.


I was wondering when a thread like this would pop up.

The longer the current tree stays, the more people are going to get used to it and find preferable interactions that may be lost with changes.

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It’s an obvious bait topic. The forums have been getting several of them these past few days. I don’t know why people are so dumb as to bite on these transparently inflammatory topics created by brand new accounts.

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This one doesn’t seem like bait, it’s articulate and makes a good point. This isn’t the “make seasons and have them delete player gear and character” guy.


Worth mentioning, but Exhilarating Takedown is currently bugged and the stacks make you take MORE damage, not less. Fatshark forgot the “-” in the right spot.


No way XD

That justifies a hot fix more than cosmetic clippings.

Probably the assail rending bug and smite surge too.

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i hope they never add any sort of seasons or battle pass crap. I know they copy a ton of things from Deep Rock and im just crossing my fingers that isnt one of them. Deep rocks battle pass is so horrendous because of the fact its free, they made it require an ungodly amount of grind to the point i would rather it be payed for battle pass and just get the stuff


I’d love to see something like kinetic, las, and heavy weapons keystones.

Heavy weapons? Did somebody say Hellgun? :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:

Quick warning to anyone who does Las crit builds, Shock-Trooper hasn’t been working for some people with certain Las weapons, such as the Recon and Helbore. I have already reported my cases of it and anyone else who notices it should do the same.