Re-rework veteran?

I stopped playing as a Veteran after a big patch, and after the Veteran rework I gave up the whole game.
Please tell me the veteran still looks like a child in comparison with other classes or did they make a new rework as everyone asked?

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Vets very good now after the rerework. only issue for me is marksman playstyle feels like the weakest option after the removeal of auto reload on ult. If fatshark adds that back, vet will be perfect, maybe even a little overtuned. But i REALLY want auto reload back. Im willing to make sacrifices for it if need be.


The vet got reworked a couple time and is definitely one of the most commmon classes rn. Really strong. Good at everything.

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Veteran looks mostly fine IMHO. If anything, I think the talent tree could do with a further pruning, it still seems a tad on the long side.

And though I’m sure this will be an unpopular opinion, I actually think the class is better off without the auto-reload on ult.


Vet needs some talent and keystone effect changes but I wouldn’t call this a full rework as the tree itself is decently organized…mostly.


Personally I really like the Vet tree now. All three paths are viable and it’s fun to experiment with combinations. The Keystones don’t feel as essential as in the other classes but they are good enough to be viable choices.


No. We’ve had ENOUGH reworks and Vet is finally in a good place again. No.


The only passives that need to be changed are the ones that punish you for being close to enemies. Otherwise Vet is very strong now. Auras also compete with Scavenger which kind of sucks. It forces you to take 2-3 extra connector nodes if you want to build middle/right.


While I personally don’t like 2 of the three keystones and am severely irritated with Fatsharks unhole love affair with timers (and stacks), it does kind of work.
They mostly just turned the bottom paths into 3-nodes wide ones that allow you to save a few nodes while progressing downwards, and rearranged the top and a few nodes.
They turned a tree with just a lot of nodes back into something actually flexible.
Even a mostly melee build is quite viable, if at times a little squishy.


This is not the reason the marksman tree is bad.


A sentiment I’d agree with to a degree, but I think we could use some increases to the values here and there.

What would you say to alterations to the keystones? Ideally something more versatile and fun, rather than their current status, which could be charitably described as a[n optional] flaming pile of ass.


Veteran is good now. You just might need to optimize your build or try other weapons.

Plasma gun is hot right now.

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Oh, yeah. Some tweaks would be better than a rework because the Vet tree feels sufficiently easy to navigate these days. The Keystones are the main cause of concern there.


The marksman tree is good though…for autoguns.

There is currently no tree for marksman weaponry however.

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My overall feeling on Veteran (the only class I play), is “meh”.

A lot of the 40k fun I hoped the Veteran would be about (using the 40k arsenal to its full effect), just doesn’t feel present.

The keystones feel gimmicky and generally boring. And I don’t like how our core abilities turned out either (with the exception of VoC, which almost feels essential as Veteran).

The rework definitely made it easier for my to enjoy the occasional mission, but its certainly not the set of impactful, playstyle defining skills I was hoping for.


Zealot, and ogryn have the best trees. Most flavour and effectiveness.

Vet is very good, but bland. It is by design a generic rooty tooty point n’ shooty class.

I would like real keystones though.


My favourite thing about the Vet tree is how I can have any ability I want with any Aura I want.

I choose to have Scavenger with all 3 of my builds (I have one for each Ability) because it’s virtually free ammo for EVERYONE if you stay in coherency with your team.

I use the middle tree Aura on all of the other classes besides Veteran.


My general consensus with Vet’s Keystones is that only one of them is actually good, which is “Focus Target!” (FT) in the middle. It needs some very slight QOL, but it doesn’t interrupt your normal gameplay operation since all it does is buff your target marking feature. If you take Focused Fire (8 stacks), it should buff the recharge speed of stacks to 1.5 seconds from 2 seconds.

It’s +4/8/12/16/20% damage on top of everything else for just 1 talent point, and I think that’s pretty good. Not great, but it’s very functional and doesn’t require any additional effort to utilize.

When you take the other modifiers, it’s an endless font of cumulative and functionally permanent bonus damage between kills, as well as toughness/stamina for the entire team.

But the problem with “Marksman’s Focus” (MF) and “Weapons Specialist” (WS) is that you have to invest too much into them to get the QOL you need to feel like taking the Keystone is even worth it. It’s not like the Vet’s abilities, like Infiltrate or Executioner’s Stance, where it’s designed to be modular for your build purposes, but that they’re literally straight up QOL separated from the Keystone to make you invest points into them.

We like Zealot’s Keystones because the modules are just buffs to its functionality without separating any QOL.

Ogryn’s Keystones are strong on their own, and modules are optional QOL that make them stronger.

Psyker’s entire talent tree structure is designed for you to reach a Keystone you want and mod it. Even then, a few modules are totally optional and just bonus QOL.

With Vet? You have to take at least 2 or 3 modules for MF or WS to make it feel like it’s worth the take. On their own they just aren’t good, and that even includes FT, to be honest.


I play without keystones, which allows for some rather good flexibility in my builds.

So i am rather happy with what we got.

But i understand how people might not be on the same page since ignoring the keystones, which are suppose to be very substantial in terms of what they do, is kind of counter intuitive.


Imo, MF should just have camo upgrade be the base part of the keystone. Tbh, other upgrades arent worth taking.
For weapon spec idk why the whole stamina replenish part even exists, the only one worth taking is reloading the weapon and regaining toughness.