Involve the community in the Vet' rework please

I think it would be a good idea if FS keeps us up to date with what they are doing with the veteran skilltree and let us give some feedback on what is possibly being implemented. And perhaps let us playtest it before release.
You know just to make sure the rework is something players most likely want out of the veteran.




Most players (vet mains) want the vet that was here for a year. The god-tier shooty guy from CoD. Even before patch 14, vet was just as fine as the other classes. Now we see a not so slow creeping back to the old OP vet.


Curious how you know what most vets want?

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Since the megathreads about vet being the worst class after the skill tree update, it is really hard not to notice what they want.


Because a lot of feedback comes from players who play the entire game instead of hating on one class. Like I don’t understand how your own criteria doesn’t inform us of your bias. Hurr durr they wanna play CoD. Dude, this is a 40k game.

Like right now Zealot uses everything not weakpoint focused or vet exclusive better on the ranged department. They even get a talent for restoring toughness with guns…on the melee class. Half the vet arsenal right there.


They shucked out a lot of veteran stuff to other archetypes and tax nodes and at least in patch 13, didn’t leave them much unless you wanted to play with headhunter autoguns and lasguns. At least more weapons aren’t as frustrating to use on veteran with this new patch, but there are still some pretty big holes in their kit due to the talent tree being half-baked, taxed more than other archetypes and relative overall power level to other archetypes.

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I must have missed these megathreads I guess. I have seen a bunch of legit criticism though, something FS acknowledged it seems and decided to do a bit of a rework and for instance adding keystones like all the other classes have.

Seems only fair.

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There has been a small group of testers from the community involved in the rebalancing for a while now.

that’s the problem - an infinitesimal group of individuals serving as “guidance and mouthpiece” for thousands of players - and it’s been a problem with FS and their community since V1


Yes, you must have missed them. Also, criticism is fair but the old vet was OP and still is just as good as other classes. However, most complaints try to make us believe that vet is unusable and needs to be OP again. I have issues with that.

Well it seems this small group has missed to point out some crucial flaws imo.

Like the overlap between the Veteran and the Zealot, a core feature for a ranged class (25% extra ammo being moved down the far end of one specific tree, the smoke grenade not being very useful and the lack of keystone features to name a few.

So seems to me they could use some help.


The old vet wasn’t OP, is this about the powersword again? sigh

Yes the vet can do just fine especially with the last patch, but I feel like it’s in some sort of identity crisis right now. There is too much overlap with the zealot and the whole tree feels a bit uninspired imo.


I did not like the PS nerf, since the source of its problem (a bug) was never(? or maybe later, idk) fixed.

But to say, the vet wasnt OP is just not true. Vet was before patch 13 and even before patch 14 the easiest best performer in missions. Use the scoreboard mod and see for yourself.

The thing about Vet, in my personal opinion at least is that it suffers in anything but a sniper role, it can do most things “fine” but compared to the other careers anything but extremly long range combat is just worse than its counterparts.

This creates a few problems because 1. Maps dont have many large open spaces. 2. People tape down their W an Sprint keys, and 3. Vet has maybe 3 good DMR-esq, options which feels painfully limiting.

They are a community feedback group, quite a few nerds who know instead out of hidden mechanics and bugs. The state of veteran tree isn’t their fault. They provide feedback and suggestions, but Fatshark designers are in control in the end of the day. If they weren’t we would actually have a deep crafting without much RNG, and that would be terrible…

The current tree is an early version because Fatshark couldn’t push out the finished one on time, I hear this is due to the Xbox patch certification process getting in the way. So we all are stuck with this half broken mess. Yay for console gaming I suppose?


I believe that.

I completely disagree with you, I’ve been an exclusively Veteran player since Beta, and I feel like my class lost its specialization, its identity, and a great many varieties of play at the highest tiers of difficulty. I understand that Veteran shone before the class rework, but that was due to bugged weapons and lackluster options for other classes. I honestly believe if they’d left veteran alone until the skilltree was finished, I’d be having more fun and more varied playstyles than I am right now.

Alright fair enough, still would like to get involved :slight_smile:

I like (not) how everyone is so judgemental in regards of the vet, even now that Ogryn is the most OP class since patch 13 i havn’t hear a peep about it, they all keep their magnifying lens aimed at the veteran as if he was some sort of difficult child that would be likely to get in trouble

i just got this game today, That Ogryn was playing on an XBOX, i’ll leave it to that


Wait what 40 minutes for a mission?! :stuck_out_tongue:


I see it as an absolute record time