Vet nerfed to the ground with new talent tree

There is no cope, as i said tree structure neutrilized nerfs, so it’s kinda the same (still bad designed)

Sure, but it’s just a bad combo as was before, slow range weapon+low mobility melee weapon. PW also doesn’t need any damage buff from the tree rly so means you should build your vet around bolter and take that fact you are trading roleplay for build efficiency. Weapons Specialist can help with PW, cause there are dodge distance buff, but need testing. You are being emotional instead of ratioanl.

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I would argue it is a more aggressive version of this mentality.

Just keep shooting heads and getting kills and you will be able to move as much as you want.

With the camo modifer you can start an engagement not moving to build up stacks but afterwards its just a race to keep killing, which I think is an interesting enough keystone mechanic.

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as i said to the other guy i’m good enough to play something that’s not optimal, but being rational means facing the raw facts aswell, like this patch is a vet nerf

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Have you notice anything new in vet tree? Have you just expected this update to add more damage nodes?

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I dont use chaxe on vet right now. Been using shovel and chainsword instead. But vet gaming involves going down a lot anytime anything gets hairy. Its a big critique i have of the class and talent tree right now.

Nah, don’t even bother. Just let the first stack tick to 8. Trigger it. Then ping everthing constantly to maintain uptime and you’ll almost always get 2-3 by default before you have time to ping again. Then if you know something big is coming hold your ping for a second so you can get your big stacks and drop big bad man. Its pretty fluid tbh. Easily the best, easiest to use, and strongest keystone in my view. Because you don’t do much more than you already were doing.


If only I had Swedish fiber, lmao. AT this point I can’t even play in the evenings due to the increased traffic nuking my latency for some reason.


i noticed they just kept doing the usual fatshark clown balances, turn good ideas to garbage, and promoting bad ideas

from this patch i was NOT expecting it to be a balance patch, that i’m sure

i have not played vet yet, i’ve been doing my weeklies with the other characters, i keep my main for last so i can play it for the rest of the week

from what i’m seeing now when playing with other vets is that even the semi seasoned guys are getting annihilated, although i’m confident i will do just as good as before due to my


in all honesty i think they just had to remove these


in favor of more meaningfull keystones, but of course they did the other way around, they kept those as taxes and added garbage keystones

you know its bad if a bolter vet decide to sacrifice these


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You have now idea how validating this sounds to me as a vet main when it comes from a sweaty zealot main. No joke or sarcasm here, seriously, ty.

The recent few patches can sometimes make me feel like the game is trying to gaslight me into thinking I suck for playing vet, even though I can breeze through sh^t just fine on my lvl 100 zealot (800 on my vet).


It might come down to gun choice as well. Funnily enough I think that “Marksman’s Focus” is best with high RoF spammy type guns. You get kills faster, have an easier time getting headshots, and aren’t as negatively effected by ghost hits.

The most precision weapon I would probably try it with would be the Infantry Las mk 1a.


Also want to say I also feel the same way. I do think that Vets sustain is an issue and we were joking that “3 basic shooters are vet killers now.”

I think once Ex Takedown is working again and giving Vet some more base toughness would be a really good step in alleviating this issue


Yeah hard agree. It feels night and day going from zealot to vet which is a shame.

I mostly mained Zealot pre-patch but have been enjoying getting into vet but now it feels rough. I still managed to clutch a round with the stealth melee build on vet but everything just feels much more painful to use.


I play pretty consistently with players I know are very very good at the game as a consequence of starting my little channel on my corner of the web. All nice people who I have seen pull of insane clutches on zealot or ogryn or even vet and psyker. Yet every single one of us goes down on average at least once per game. Not always but pretty darn often. Its a running joke for us when one of us goes down to just shout “VET GAMING” because its just the way of it. Vet is pure glass, kinda cannon. He’s like the psyker in patch 11 and earlier right now due to just horrendous toughness sustain and damage reduction. I don’t think Exhilerating Takedown will be enough either, and it’ll already be an auto-include as soon as it stops making you die to one poxwalker.


You can call it more aggressive I call it a worse mechanic.

Zealot Crit Keystone:

  • Allies can’t hinder you, they’ll just aid you. You don’t have to kill, just things need to die in a superlarge area, you don’t even have to be close to enemies.
  • Alternative ways to keep the stacks going.
  • Automatically pops in sticky situations due to enemy density.
  • Basically, a passive buff that drops between airlocks.
  • It doesn’t ramp. Very high static bonus.
  • Easy to get, playstyle comes naturally.

Vet Precision Keystone:

  • You have to do it all yourself.
  • Allies can hinder you in multiple ways: standing in front of you can block your attacks, you have to reposition, if they shoot the same targets or there is CC on the team like rumbler Ogryn or Trauma psyker it gets a lot harder.
  • Ramping bonus, with even more bonus for maintaining full stacks (rending).
  • In sticky situations, it can be hard to maintain.

I don’t think this keystone is for me, but that’s clear that Zealot’s Crit Keystone is close to being just a passive while Vet’s Precision keystone is something you have to do very actively.


IMO its just not really any differet than doing what vet should be doing which is clicking heads. I see it as no different than the Slaughterer blessing on weapons. The stacks come and go but the uptime always careens to max stacks as soon as a spicy fight starts.

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If you’re using an automatic or a Kant IV, and have no latency issues, this is true. If you can’t check both boxes though . . . That’s a different story. Making precision weapons work is a b@tch for not that much reward relative to what you can do with other high skill floor weapons/abilities with other classes. Although the headhunters are def still somewhere between A and B tier since they’re still versatile enough to be able to perform well even if they suck at their namesake.


Rip Vraks Mk 3, you deserved better.


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Just an insider joke, we love you Regi. Toughness sustain / damage resist can be a b…but then I run VoC a lot so that isn’t a problem. Iron Will and Tactical Awarness are a must for my builds also. You cannot squeeze more out of vet. I don’t need extra damage on vet.

I’m also not sure about vet stamina regen, hence I take stam regen Curios and even dip into a talent which lowers the stamina regen delay. That part is easier for me on the right side. Vet being percieved by some as the under dog was the reason why I started playing it again. I still had purple items equipped on it when I logged in the first time post patch 14. It is all better now.

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I mean, it’s still easily A tier if you run it with onslaught and can nail throat/upper chest bursts. In the hands of a sweaty vet it can still do some filthy, filthy things. . .


If you have a scoreboard saved where you popped off with it I would love to see it. I have felt it was really lackluster after the patch 14 changes and was just an objectively worse mk7 now.

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Player suggesting Vet can one shot “anything” and have 2 keystones at the same time.
Both not true when it comes to playing in game. Maybe in the meatgrinder…

You are unable to have 2 keystones as well…

Why are some people unable to see our plight,
Just to be a contrarian for no reason