Vet nerfed to the ground with new talent tree

I know, all in good fun. i’m just mad chaxe is so bad on vet. I used to use it a lot. I mean i still can but…like eh…chainsword actually feels good.

Word to that. I tried the mg12 and mh ia and the ia felt decent and the 12 felt like trash.


With Plasma Gun and focus target I’m pretty sure you can, if you don’t count firing a shot to open a Bulwarks shield first.

But thats an edge caae.

I would not worry about the average opinion of a Pub. They are unique and fascinating creatures but are best observed at a distance.


We can come back to this when they finally fix Rampage.


The Vet still does loads of dmg still. only with specific setups.
For the gun class you are quite limited when it comes to shooting things.
At the core of it my issue is with build variety.
Pointless nodes that no one will take willingly.
They could be more creative with the tree, like they are with the others.
Too much focus on Stamina imo


Focus target pushed just enough of damage for Agripinaa shotgun special attack, to one shot every special (except for mute and dog) and ranged elite to the body.
it also can one shot bruisers if it crits, or if deathspitter stacked (mb not sure).

It wasn’t even close as good the last patch


Sadly this is very common, and most of these kinds of comments are intentionally misrepresented causing veterans to get nerfs non-stop.


Because this game and forums are infested with brown-nosers, naive white-knights, and toxic-positive Polly Anna’s. All spouting the same garbage and edge-case “hey this works so shut up! Oh just ignore that what I’m talking about only happens under these conditions which occur less than 10% of the time so you MIGHT use it once a run. Maybe. But hey you could do it so shut up and be happy with what you have.”


Impressive and Interesting setup of intended game mechanics
[incoming Agripinaa nerf]


is this a joke? suppression? 5% grenade? really?

as if you didn’t had to pay your suppression tax already


what’s this even?


i’m sorry, but it thought i was talking with someone else, now it makes sense why you don’t feel the nerfs

Tried the setup, its bait.
Revolver is still way more effective.

But still, even with the high ranged damage output. Id rather be a bottom right side tree enjoyer as the melee speed helps way more than the everynow and then oneshot on an enemy that isnt in my face

Didn’t even notice it got changed, tbh, that’s my bad. Played a few more games with it, and I’m going to have to hand this one to you. It’s still a beast for monster weakspot shredding, but it’s struggling everywhere else. Need to test more before I give a verdict though. For generalist builds it’s mediocre at best, this was on my anti-boss officer vet build. It’s ammo efficiency got nuked but its still viable, it got downgraded to B/C tier is my feel so far. On paper it should be fine, but you need to minmax for it. Worth noting we had to kick a speed runner out half way through the run so the first psyker was a late arrival.

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Fun fact, that was the same patch they buffed the revolver.


I want to try the Agrip HH mk 9, the 2 shot, because it got buffed but I heard its still bad. Seems like the way to go is still probably Mk 7 right now if you’re pure min maxxing.

After playing more with Markman’s Focus I think camouflage is kind of a must pick, you will consistenly have some stack even when thing get hairy or hit register is being mean to you. Just treat it like more strict Surgical.

ofc you have to sacrifice a lot of good qol like Demolition Stockpile, Valley Adept, Out for Blood, Exhilarating Takedown(when it get fix) and actually lucky enough to have god roll revolver in the first place.

inb4 they nerf this. lol.

Suppresion cause you don’t have anti-suppression when goes full central brench, meanwhile you still need to deal with shooters blob. Grenades yes, since i run frag nades to clear some space, also good vs mixed hordes. But you can take anything you like, it’s not a core talents, obviously.

Can make a vid about maelstrom run. But i was talking about my main build i was playing before - palsma VoC.

Here is my auric maelstrom run with almost endless mute waves and quite agressive spawn director. Incase you need some eh “skill confirmation”, lol.

Plasma Gun is very, very strong right now. Imo it is the exception to the rule. While Vet isn’t in a horrible place if yoh aren’t running Plasma Gun and maybe boltgun you are going to have to struggle a lot more for similar results.

Vet definitely needs a bit more love right now.


I would say plasma is a bit overtuned even.

i’m loving the new plasma by the way, its finally the ultimate veteran weapon that always deserved to be

You can tell Plasma is overtunrd because it actually makes Vet feel good.


I was just making a joke :frowning:

Plasma has been ny favorite Vet ranged weapon since before patch 13 and it feels great now.

However I do think the cleave on normal shots needs to be toned way, way down. Besides that I think its fine.

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i mean you can say that. but Voidstrike is still better for horde clearing even after nerf, and its free of ammo comsumption for obvious reasons