Thoughts on Vet keystones and tree changes?

Others and I have described the problems with it in numerous threads so I keep it simple:

My problems with Weapon Specialist: Part1, Part2
It’s a bit ranty, but I think it describes my problem well enough.

How I look at MF: First try comparing it to other keystones, Second try, Comparing it to blessings thanks to Regi

Again last one is a bit of a ramble, but it helped me point out something… Compared to damage blessing it’s way harder to trigger unless you are gaining stack on standing still… which doesn’t feel great.

There is no comparison in tedium between these and Psyker keystones. I take some time with Disrupt Destiny comparison here because I think it warrants it:

Disrupt Destiny comes with:

  • Points out hiding enemies for you.
  • Doesn’t come with forced gameplay such as not moving.
  • Have immediate pay-off on killing marked enemies giving you a huge (20%) toughness return. Can also add a chance (20%) to quell.
  • Bonus doesn’t fluctuate.
  • Stacks last a long time (15s) and you can double it (to 30s). You aren’t forced to not do stuff to keep stacks.
  • Have a mix of boosts to include both weakspot and general. Bonuses are about equal, but DD boost non-weakspot too!
  • Fun (subjective) minigame.

The only problem with it didn’t mark targets in event scenarios the last time I tried it. Otherwise, it’s strong and interesting to play with the Voidstrike+Assail build.