Vermintide 2 - Patch 2.0.8

Enemy damage boosting on weave 91~160 ignores barkskin. I want it fixed next patch

None of those are melee-focused. Personally, I could take or leave the 4-player co-op part. I mostly love how good the melee combat is when it’s working properly. Been playing The Forest with friends, and god . . . the combat is just so bad.


Beastmen are on too many maps. It makes no sense to see them in the sewers or the wall on Righteous Stand, and their presence inside most parts of the city are questionable. I think they should be restricted to mostly “wilderness/outdoor” areas and the outskirts of cites (the pit).


While it does make sense for immersion, there’s a risk of expanding “the Blightreaper” problem, where players just quit levels they perceive to be extra difficult. I’ve already had a number of games where the host just left when they saw Dark Omens loading in.

Of course, if beastmen were toned down a bit, then it sounds like a nice solution.

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Anyone else have an issue with Dark Omens end? Killed the Boss but, bannermen either stopped spawning shortly after or the final kill on the bannermen didn’t trigger the explosion.

The Forest, Far Cry Primal, and Dying Light are the other first person games that I’ve played that are more melee-focused rather than just being FPS titles. None of them have melee combat like Vermintide, but they all have more developed story / RPG aspects and can be pretty fun when you’re in the mood for that sort of thing.

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Come on stop the hate around here.
Bugs are part of the fun of Vermintide (as long as they end up being fixed and they usualy are)

If everything is fixed it’s not as fun anymore. And I m not even being sarcastic here.
Code management has always been an issue and I raised that point a few times on the forums. I think they are getting better at it but they still forget a few stuff… Like old fixed bugs getting showing up again. I m betting they still do stuff manualy and don’t use proper pipelines but hey. It’s getting better.

Remember Vermintide 2 around release was like that :

And it was a lot of fun and (mostly) everything got fixed.
Also, if you didn’t have fun like those guys in the video and got frustrated, it’s sad :slight_smile:


That’s a very generous view of bugs in games :smiley:

But yeah, bugs that instakill you or stop you from using your abilities = bad.
Occasional physics bug that send stuff flying = lol :grinning:

Also, even tho it’s an indi, they still got pressure to release stuff in due time and I bet developpers would want to fix some technical debt related to release management.

It’s a balance between : Not having anything released to fix technical debt or release new fun DLC (to me WoM is a good and fun dlc) or release stuff with bugs and work your ass off to fix those post release.

And everything is crying for new content because we all love that game. So I made my peace with bugs on release.

But you know, that’s just like, my opinion :wink:


I could live with bugs that are related to the new stuff that goes into the game.
But breaking the same stuff over and over again is just pathetic.
I presume they have a list that has to be fixed every time a major patch is created and it’s human error that stuff gets forgotten.

And yes, I could live with that if they said “we need 6 months to bring the game in a state where we won’t break everything whenever we do a major patch”.
Because it would take less time than waiting for weeks every time they do something.

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Yeah, no.

Git has a solution for this and it’s called rebase. Or if you want to keep your version history pure, use merge at the end. Or cherry pick the (merge) commits.

What I suspected has been confirmed: Fatshark is in need of a lead developer who knows how to do proper version control and branch management.


Maybe he already has a rewarding job and doesn’t want to relocate.

Besides, this is a bull argument. When I eat at a restaurant and the steak has been cooked too long I can complain. The chef can offer complimentary fries, but it doesn’t solve the problem.

But in your reasoning the proper response from the waiter, no, someone at another table breaking into the conversation saying “Hey, you seem to know a lot about preparing steak. Why don’t you apply as a chef at this restaurant?”


You can indeed complain but you don’t sh*t on the table, ignoring all others customers here. And when the chief wants to cook another steak for you and you have to wait, you don’t continue complaining because he can’t ‘instant cook’ you a steak (the part where he doesn’t know cooking a lot if he thinks his steak can be cooked again in 10 seconds)
Edit : I’m french so cooking and etiquette are rather important to me.

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Well, if all the problem is GIT management… this is a great free resource:
And never forget the first rule… If you break the trunk, you have to pay in donuts for all the team.

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I would git blame everything instead. But I think the issue there is not git management, it’s just fixes that did work with the old 1.6 system couldn’t work with the refactored code for 2.0. (hence configuration issues for example)

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I’ve been playing The Forest, but the melee combat is that classic awful style that FPS games usually have - basically Skyrim. Love the exploration and survival aspects, though.

No other game compares to Vermintide in the combat.

Without details is hard to see that, but maybe.

We had details, in answer to someone asking why sound issues came back :

Nice recursive work! that is the first message which I responsed.
But there isn’t details there. Only a wokflow and that has been fails on it.

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Well it’s pretty clear : They made changes to sounds branched off the 1.6, and they had “inconsistently configured settings”
Goto 1

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