Vermintide 2 crashes PC Black Screen forcing me to hard reset

Hey guys, so a few hours ago I decided to play some Vermintide 2 but in that time the game has caused my PC to crash 4 times by a black screen. On my 1st experience, I loaded into the game and then my PC crashed. On my 2nd experience, I loaded into the game and got into a match but then my screen became black. On my 3rd and 4th experience, I manually restarted my PC via the power button and then got back into the game which crashed my PC upon loading the game hero selection.

I got back into the game yesterday and have been playing fine without any PC crashes. Just now they are happening to me anytime I try to get into the game making me have to manually reset my PC. I do not know what is causing these crashes when I start up the game.

Here are some solutions that I have tried which have proved Unsuccessful:

  1. Verifying game integrity files on Steam
  2. Reinstalling the game
  3. Playing without any workshop mods
  4. Re-Updating drivers
  5. Uninstalling and reinstalling GPU
  6. Playing on the lowest settings

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Do you have the current BIOS-Version installed?

I had a similar problem that playing V2 made my PC reboot randomly and a BIOS Upgrade fixed it.

Unfortunately, I do not know how to update the BIOS. However, I noticed that I am having a similar problem in another game where if I boot it up and load into the lobby it will give me a blue screen forcing me to hard reset like Vermintide 2.

Yeah, updating your BIOS varies from Motherboard to motherboard. Even between generations from the same manufacturer. Best thing I guess would be to find a manual or a youtube video from a trustworthy source.

Or asking someone to do it if you’re unsure.
A BIOS update isn’t a hard thing in itself, but I always find it nervewracking as anything going wrong could ruin your computer.
The procedure is simple though, and goes along the lines of :
1 - go to your motherboards manufacturer’s site
2 - download the latest bios and put it on a USB stick
3 - restart your computer, open the BIOS, and select “flash update” and then the USB stick with the update
4 - pray you don’t have a power outage
5 - done

I believe I have recently responded to your post in the Steam discussions. :slight_smile:

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I have updated my BIOS but that did not seem to work. I even replaced my monitor and Power supply within my PC but after launching the game again an hour later it still gives the black screen of death…

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This is unfortunate. Please have a look here, if you haven’t already. It’s important to check for overheating, etc.:

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