Permacrash, black screen forces me to hard reset


Both my wife and I obtained this game two days ago. First session, we played smooth for two hours or so, no problem. We came back to the game the day after, and there the problem shown up. For me, only. She got no problem at all. But I do. I cant play a single game. I crash all the time. And it’s not only the game itself. This game makes my entire PC black screen, the GPU goes suddenly berserk with 100% fan speed, and I have to hard reset the whole thing.

I tried everything. Clean drivers install with the latest. Install files checked under steam. Uninstalling the game and installing it back. Checked on windows updates. Checked the video settings (all of 'em). Checked DX. Checked C++ and such. Checked every .exe (why the hell is there that many .exe…?!) and even tried compatibility modes.
That last solution seems to allow me to play a bit more. Understand that I can play 5 minutes instead of 2. I cant finish a single game without having to rejoin it numerous times…

Here are the last logs I got, in case it can help.
Important to mention that this game is the only one causing such problems. And even if this game does not seems to detect my configuration (wth? again) it runs smooth on extreme seetings.

console-2021-03-29-00.02.32-11f9c6db-f31e-4123-a5f2-73a91e1de4f5.log (787.3 KB)

crash_dump-2021-03-27-17.12.59-6ea51fd4-7123-424a-8876-968c0a93a1c9.dmp (719.9 KB)

Thanks in advance for your help.
(No, I wont flash my BIOS for a video game…)

The BIOS update is the ultimate solution here, will ensure maximum compatibility with your Ryzen 5 and will benefit you outside of Vermintide 2 also. If you’d rather not update your BIOS, I’m happy to contact Steam and request that they issue you a refund.

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So, I did update my BIOS, as I really want to play this game. Tried on f31, then on f50e. And I guess it is not the ultimate solution, as the game keeps crashing my entire PC. Same as before, nothing new. I did manage to play 10 minutes though, even thought I could really finish a mission.

So, before asking for a refund, wich I wont be eligible to as this game is part of a Games Workshop package, I really expect Fatshark to provide a solution for this game to actually work. Telling people to update the BIOS for a video game is kinda harsh, as most people wont do it, risky as it is.
So, what’s the next step? Building a spaceship? Just kiding under deep despear.
I will try to reset Windows10 as a last resort.

Anyway, if nothing works and if you dont have any real solution to this problem, I strongly suggest you mention it on Steam. Selling a game that actually dont work for so many people is just not right.

Sorry to hear that. I don’t think updating the BIOS is too “out there”, it’s evident there’s some sort of rampant incompatibility between the Ryzens and some motherboards that requires a BIOS update. I recommend this because it’s proven to work successfully for many, many players with improvements outside of Vermintide 2 also. :slight_smile:

Ultimately there will be an underlying explanation for your PC crashing outside of Vermintide 2 itself, most likely hardware-related. I was hoping the BIOS could be the one-shot panacea that has worked for so many but in your case it’s likely to be a process of elimination.

I wish I could solve this immediately for you but that won’t be possible. You’ll want to check your overclocks, check for overheating, run the Windows System File Checker, etc. More information here: [PC] How to Resolve PC Crashes, Loss of Responsiveness or Blue Screens (BSOD) – Fatshark

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