Vermintide 2 crashes my PC


I’m not sure how to start this but randomly when playing Vermintide 2 my whole system crashes.
My PC just shuts down instantly and restarts normal.

I’ve done multiple tests like MemTest86, Prime95 and other Benchmarks and everything ran without any error.
So I’m sure it’s not my hardware. I also pretty much replaced my whole hardware.

Speaking of my hardware here are my specs:
ASUS Maximus X Hero
BIOS is up-to-date

32GB G.Skill Trident Z RGB DDR4-3200 CL14

Palit JetStream GTX1080Ti 11Gb

Intel Core i7-8700K | 6x 3.70 GHz
Delidded and liquid metal applied
Just to make sure it’s not because of Overclocking I’m running on stock speeds

CPU Cooler:
NZXT Kraken x62
Keeps my CPU under 50°C

SeaSonic - FOCUS Plus Platinum 650W 80+

2TB Crucial MX300
V2 is installed on the SSD

4 TB Seagate SkyHawk HDD

Asus ROG Swift PG278QR 1440p 165hz Gsync
Asus VG248QE 1080p 144hz
V2 runs on the 1440p screen

With DX11 I had crashes almost daily until I switched to DX12.
With DX12 I thought the crashes are gone…nope they are back.

The game runs on Extreme settings in Fullscreen DX12, uncapped fps.
I’ve tried running the game on Lowest settings with the fps capped to 60 and still the game crashed my PC, randomly.
Playing Assassin’s Creed Odyssey (first game that came into my mind that is quite taxing) for hours does not crash my PC, nor does any other game.

Sidenote: With DX12 I get 80-100 fps with DX11 I get 60-80 fps during hordes. DX12 has a lot of stuttering though.

I think some optimizations is badly needed outside of specs I don’t believe they are the issue. Alot of different rigs high end, very high end and even midrange rigs are giving weird performance issues with latest drivers.

Same here. I’ve had blue screens and the gaem completely restarts ONLY after the latest update. Fatshark. Please help.

Well I never experienced a PC crash from this game so I can only list things that crash the game:

It’s crashing every game, qp or custom on PS4 since the latest patch as well. Can’t get through a game.

Regular applications should never crash your PC. It’s by design of modern operating systems. If application leads to PC crashes, than it’s most likely a bug in driver. Only drivers and OS pretty much can crash PC.
It’s possible that only Vermintide somehow manages to expose bug in a driver that leads to crash. We know that we have game crashes somewhere deeply in NVidia driver, but we never managed to reproduce it internally so we can capture full dump of the game and send over to NVidia. So I assume it’s most likely crashes in gpu driver.
Unfortunately it’s impossible to say what might be the issue without crash dumps or way to reproduce this issue internally.
I need a little bit more information from you to look into this issue - your GPU driver version and and OS build version.

Yeah I thought about that already that Vermintide somehow triggers a bug somewhere which causes my system to crash.
It’s really frustrating to not know what the problem is and when it happens, it just seems to be random.

GPU Driver Version is 417.35
Windows 10 1809 KB4471332

I used this tool “DDU” to uninstall all nvidia drivers and reinstalled them after but that didnt change anything, so it’s Windows 10?
It seems like no crash dump has been created after any of my system crashes while playing vermintde 2, there’s only one crash dump which I think has been created after a normal game crash caused by mods which I disabled right after.

And the console logs just end like this 20:55:27.993 [Lua] [GameN or whatever the last instruction was. It just ends in mid of the command.

Either 1.4.1 or a small Windows 10 update might have fixed it for now.
No crashes in my past 2 session of trying to beat Fortunes of War on Legend ^^

For now because from 1.1 to 1.2 I had those crashes aswell and after 1.2 they disappeared until now.

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