PC crashes and reboot after 1 hour


I’m getting a very, very, VERY annoying issue with Vermintide 2. I simply can’t play, as after 1 hour approximatly my PC will shutdown and restart.
I searched a lot on the web and oh my god how many post have I seen on this problem… The game is 3 years old, and it’s not a “little bug”…

Before all, I will anticipate and warn : it is NOT a hardware problem. I play a lot of games, Star Citizen and Cyberpunk for exemple turn without a single problem for the whole night, and the ONLY times my PC crashes is on Vermintide 2. The problem is easily located : there’s a big problem with this game, and I rarely saw this much post on the web about a single problem. 3 years… Sincerely sorry, but it’s quite a shame :confused:

Soooooo, I reduced graphisms, downloaded last drivers for my GC, put a cap to framerate, tryed with DX12, disabled Steam/Microsoft/AMD overlay, and done a sacrifice in Satan’s glory. Nothing helped.

After 3 years, is there someone who found how to play for more than one hour on this game or should I ask a refund ?

Best regards.

Sorry to hear this. We’re looking in to an increase of players reporting that their PC is crashing and are wondering if it has anything to do with the latest Windows update.

If on Windows 10, could you please navigate to ‘Settings’ -> ‘About’ and share with me your ‘OS Build’ number please?

My build is 1909, 18363.1316 precisely.
Is there any solution for the moment ? It is impossible to play.

Regrettably not at the moment.

We don’t know if this recent increase of reports is simply coincidental and due to localised issues, or if it could be something else - we’re still investigating.

Two players have been able to resolve it with a BIOS update. We also have a list of potential solutions here: [PC] How to Resolve PC Crashes, Loss of Responsiveness or Blue Screens (BSOD) – Fatshark

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I updated my BIOS to the latest version, and it seems to work !
Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

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Nice! Out of interest, would you mind sharing your PC’s specifications with me?

Yes of course.

AMD Ryzen 5 2600
16Go RAM
Radeon RX Vega
And my motherboard is a B450 Gaming Plus
Tell me if you need something else.

Much appreciated!

Bad news, it doesn’t fix it totally. My PC crashed again. It seems better than before nervertheless.

Oh no… how disappointing. :frowning: I sincerely thought that was the “cure”. The investigation continues!

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