Various bugs relating to cosmetics

Bug # 1

Okay I’m actually not sure about this one but in over 3k hours, this is the first time I’m seeing it so I guess it’s a bug.

Playing on the beta, I opened a loot chest and received a red weapon with no illusion, a 1h sword for Kerillian, the Glade Guardian’s Ceyl.

Bug # 2

A red crossbow illusion for Saltzpyre which I unlocked a way back is not shown in the list of illusions I can apply to Saltzpyre’s crossbows.

On this screenshot, you can see that my weapon has the Faithflight illusion, however in the list of available illusions, the faithflight illusion is nowhere to be found (yes, I tried to see if the illusion would show up if I used another crossbow which didn’t already have the illusion applied, it didn’t.). The problem occurs both on the beta and the regular servers.

Bug # 3

Ever since I got all commendation chest hats, it seems they all got back on my loot table meaning I keep looting duplicate hats which can’t be salvaged or destroyed. Too lazy to take a screenshot, take my word for it. This is not too much of a problem but since I was making a bug report about cosmetics, I thought I’d mention it.

My 2 cents, love you FS keep up the good work!

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