Handmaiden spear and shield glow illusion

I did the lords and i obtained the illusion on okri’s book but i don’t found i in my stuff or it’s not aplly properly…

When you write that you did not find it in your stuff do you mean your inventory as in your weapons tab? It wont be there.

If you have not then instead look in the crafting tab and the “apply/remove illusion” page instead and slot in the spear and shield. The option to use your new glowy look should be present there if i do not remember incorrectly.

Ive found a similar issue with the Drachenfels update for Xbox. Tried purchasing the swift bow cosmetic Glade Guardians Edduath for Waystalker, all it does is keeps taking your money, doesn’t give you the cosmetic! It doesn’t show as purchased and it doesn’t show in your illusions.

i try to apply an illusion on spear and shield but don’t find the illusion here. even after claimed it in okri’s book

Oh alright then it really does seem to be a bug, carry on.

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@DiaBloS-LUFFY Sorry for the delayed response. Did you manage to locate it in the end?

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yes i have seen the little patch. Thanks any informations on the community challenge portrait or the year of the rat portrait ? Still don’t have this one on console. It will be great cause they look cool.

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