Upgrading to i5 13600k, any advice?

So I’ve just bought the i5 13600k, and Im upgrading from the i9 9900k. I’m still waiting for my motherboard to arrive. The rest of my system is no slouch and I will be keeping the components. RTX3090, 32GB DDR4 3200 XMP low latency memory, NVME M2 SSDs, etc.

So any advice on how to setup Darktide for an i5 13600k to run smoothly?

We’re all looking for tips on how to make Darktide run smoothly. The best way so far seems to be uninstalling.


With that GPU, CPU and amount of RAM (Darktide is memory heavy) you should be more than fine unless you insist on playing at 4k with Ray Tracing.

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I run it fine right now. I do have a pretty beefy system even though it’s an old one (apart from the graphics card, SSD, and RAM) but I did have to turn off ray tracing (DLSS is also off) and I tuned down some CPU physics settings a notch or two. The rest is all on High and I have absolutely no slowdown issues at all.

I know my evidence is anecdotal, but if you insist on being salty instead of just turning down some settings than that’s your problem, not the games. I’m enjoying the game, flaws and all. And while it is prone to crashing it actually runs great. Im sorry youre not having a good time.

@Everyone else: Anyone with that particular CPU? How many threads do you run in the launcher? I’ve found that with the i9 9900k the runs best with 8 threads. I do get the ocasional crash though, not sure if that’s related. I’m worried about the P+E cores of the 13600k, it has 14 physical cores, should I set the thread count to 14 then? To 6?

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This is where we are going to disagree.

0.51% of Steam users have RTX 3090. You can get the idea of PC gaming hardware from the Steam hardware survey data:


The game poor performance on average PC hardware IS the game’s problem, as it limits the number of people able to run the game or willing to deal with poor performance.

Fatshark made a bet that people will invest more into high end RTX 30x0 and the new RTX 40xx series, but this won’t happen any time soon with the new NVIDIA’s pricing policy. Sorry NVIDIA, we aren’t here to address your cryptominer GPU boom addicition.

A side note: the game reliance on FSR and DLSS to achieve 60 FPS on the available PC hardware is also a joke.


Running is less the Problem(more or less) Crashing still is the Issue for me.
i have 4090/ 58003d, DDR4-RAM - 32GB 4000MHz (2x 16GB Kit) G.Skill
RipJaws V (cause couldnt get 3400), Samsung 980Pro, Gygabite 570S Master
Still lots of Crashes its crazy…
Built this PC especially for Darktide.
Yes they stated that 80% Players have stability while Gaming. This like i said not so much a problem.
I reckoned they do lower End PC first then MId then the Beastly ones to run smooth.
Crashes still happen too much, but still enjoying the Game. At least Gameplay not so much certain stuff.
I run all on max of course. Never had a PC like this before and its still mindblowing everytime i play how bloody good this Game looks XD
So i think you should be fine.
I capped the FPS to 120 and its way better. Could do 144hZ since my Monitor, but FPS drops had been crazy sometimes and still are with Hordes and when they get Flamed at the same time, depending on levels. WOnt notice it too much tough for the most part when capped. If i run uncapped i get like 220FPS (shortly after release) all on max, but FPS drop considerably more noticeable.
BTW i have a 2K Monitor.
Still have to try uncapped again and see how it performs, but i reckon not much better than before. 120FPS is more than fine iMO

well oc the 13600k and make sure you use xmp for the ram
the e cores are useless for gaming so you might as well disable them
I have to cap my fps at 120 for the game to be stable
the performance of this game compared to other games is terrible, garbage optimization

Just an update, the upgrade is finally done. The i5 13600k is absolutely destroying this game. The E cores are ABSOLUTELY NOT WORTHLESS for gaming, at least not in this game. I run the game with 14 threads in the launcher (the number of real cores the CPU has) and I can finally turn on RTX (MEDIUM) with DLSS Automatic. No slowdowns or frame drops that I can notice, at all.

Well worth it. Great CPU.


Nope, e cores can’t be used for gaming because you need good single core performance for gaming. You can allow the game to use as many threads as you want, but it will not actually use many of those threads as it only uses 60% of a 6 core processor.

Prob top advice would be to wait literaay couple of weeks and see that AMD have to offer with 3d cache and if it performs better or not.

Nope, they will cost way too much for gaming cpu’s.

Lol dude, I literally told you that the game runs BETTER with all 14 threads enabled, and you’re like: “No, e-cores can’t be used for gaming.”

Please stop spreading falsehoods and lies. The 13600k is a great processor.

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