Very Bad Performance (3080TI)

Issue Description:
I have bought the game today and enjoy it BUT the performance is very very bad on my 3080 TI.

I had to lower all on low to get +/- 90-100 FPS and still get enorm frame drops in-game on waves until 60 FPS.

Its really hard to enjoy the game that way.

As said I turned all down to minimum on 1440p monitor.

I hope this gets fixed soon.

For sure the other PC specs are more as enough.

PS. Just changed from Thread 22 to 12 for my CPU-Cores doesnt change anything.

Thanks in advance.

Attempted Solutions:
[Have you made any changes to your PC or Darktide’s ‘Video’ options in an attempt to improve your performance? Please see our common solutions in the pinned Topic]

Yes, set all to low and changed Threads from 22 to 12 according to my CPU Cores, dosnt change anything and same issue.


PC Specifications:

Upload Console Log:
console-2022-12-18-17.16.29-02f302a1-c86b-4faf-9905-4dbb13d79d2f.log (99.6 KB)

Upload darktide_launcher.log:
darktide_launcher.log (106.7 KB)

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This game is very hard to run but I can do 1080p/140 fps/custom high settings so you should be able to run it well with a good pc. You need to post all your specs and the files that the devs asked for.

put a swap file of 16 GB or more, but be sure to have a fixed size, initial - final. on an SSD.

Update the drivers and I can send you Cfg / I play at high in Full HD, I have 140-100 fps with it

i5 11400f
16gb ram
rtx 3070

But Cfg is designed for Full HD and you may need to raise the screen resolution

  • In the settings of the launcher, set your streams. I have 12 processor threads, and there is a setting in the game of 9 threads, you set how much your processor needs

user_settings.config (3.6 KB)

you’re wrong, yes the game had problems, but I don’t have problems anymore after the patches. It used to be 70-130 fps on high, after setting up the config, now it’s 100-150 fps. FPS doesn’t drop with hordes.


I have a Ryzen 9 5900X and I think the Threads in the launched was set to 22 (I’m not on PC right now).

I need to change that and when yes to what?

I tried all graphic settings and even on the lowerst the performance are bad from 150 FPS to 60 all is included with bad FPS drops.

All mentioned above is set correctly on my PC.

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Just changed from Thread 22 to 12 for my CPU-Cores doesnt change anything.


Wrong about what? This game is still extremely hard to run. In well optimized games I get 200-300 fps, but not in this garbage game.

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Same here and it’s not related on my hardware, I tested all.

I’m fine. 140-100 fps at high stable. No departures


Not sure if you run in with RT on, I am on a 3080TI and pretty old CPU and I run it around 100FPS on High.
You may want to to look into specific settings to get msot gains (like ambient occlusion). Here is DF analysis with recommended settings, may be useful:

RT is off and all on low, so there noting be set more on low :slight_smile:
Threads are also set correctly.

100 FPS yes… if there are no enemys :smiley:

Im not the only one, all my friends im playing with have the same issue.

I am crashing constantly ive got a 3080ti and a Ryzen 93900X, All low settings, no RT, capped to 60 fps. Its got worse with the hotfix that just dropped but before it was still pretty bad just come from a mission it crashed 4 times not even half way through and ive just given up with it, and this game for awhile.

I hope they fix that quickly before the game is dead :sob:

with those specs you are not getting that frame rate on high, you are lying

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here screenshots are cut down in quality. I have a high FPS, I’m not lying, maybe because I’m just Russian? ahah, I’m kidding. But dude, believe me, I have 120-150 in the game, stable at high. Only the lighting is sometimes low and the draw distance. Full HD


only with hordes, 100-110 fps


Maybe for you but for the majority where I know not, fact is the game is optimized crap.

your pc is magically running the game better than pc’s with better specs then, good for you
it runs like sh*t for pretty much everyone, garbage optimization


apparently the game is more or less optimized for average hardware RTX 3070-3060 + - , i5 11400f (Ryzen 5 5600x) + -


If your all running Windows 11 your going to have lower frames. Microsoft said themselves there is a loss in gaming performance on Windows 11 over 10. I am so glad I decided to stick with Windows 10. Windows 11 is the new Vista for gamers.