Performance issue since game official launch

Issue Description:
Massive performance drop after release of the game. I lost about 20-30 fps (It vary from map to map).
Everything was super playable in pre-order-beta.

Attempted Solutions:
I haven’t changed any of graphics settings after release( They were same as in beta). Then I tried to lower grafics settings(Even tho I had no such problems in pre order beta). But still performance is almost unplayable.


PC Specifications:
CPU - I7-7700K
GPU - Nvidia RTX2070
RAM - 16GB

Console Log:
console-2022-11-30-20.02.05-03a6c3f9-0112-42e6-92b0-850ed8873061.log (127.4 KB)

darktide_launcher.log (961.0 KB)


CPU - AMD 2600x
GPU - AMD Vega 56
RAM - 16gb.

The game was already crap in the beta, almost enough to make me not want to play it. Now, getting less than 30fps average, and I can’t request a refund anymore.

Same problem here. Performance is ~30 fps lower than during the pre-launch beta.

My performance is also low, but in my case the RAM runs full and crashes the game in the end. Betas were running smoothly.

I have to concur.

AMD R9 5900X
RTX 2060

In the preorder beta I had around 70 to 80 FPS. Now I get 40 to 50 fps and honestly a lot of the time it feels like it’s actually lower than it says. The settings are the same.

Same here used to get around 120 fps on high settings in beta now I barely can get 50. Tried different settings and didn’t really help much.

GPU: AMD 6900 xt
CPU: i7-4790k 4ghz

Same here too. Fps drops, stuttering. Something is wrong. It was just fine, running superb for me in beta. Sigh…

Ryzen 7 5700x
RTX 3060 Ti
16gb RAM

How do they keep f u ck ing it up. Same here. FPS down across the board from yesterday.

i9 9900k
32gb ram

I can’t get above my average above 15FPS since launch, during closed beta average was 65FPS. I’m running an Asus ROG Strix G15 Gaming Laptop, I can run Death Stranding with everything on Ultra and the average for that is 70FPS.

Intel i7-10870H (8 Cores, 2.2Ghz)
RTX 2060

My performance went from about 35 fps average to like 16fps.

95% of games crash out now too.

This patch messed up the game really badly.

Well, just to add to the pile - yes, I am seeing what I believe to be a drop of around 10% in FPS. Used to get a stable 100 or so in the hub, for example, now closer to 90. Some maps/horde combinations tanked my FPS to almost 40 - on a 5800X and a RTX3070ti at 1440p, medium settings with not RT. That seems…wrong.

+1 to this.
I ran both Beta at a stable 60fps, never noticing drops even during hordes.
Since launch I rarely see 60fps, most of the time it wavers around 45fps.
Tried same gfx settings and even lowered them for launch.

i7 4790k
RTX 2080Ti

I also have the settings not saving bug. Every time I launch the game I have to reset look inversion and other options. -This is despite them showing as set correctly, they are not- I wonder if the gfx settings have the same bug, and are reverting to higher then appears on the setting page.

Edit: Adding, I have also been trying to reduce screen resolution in-game, but the setting appears to have no effect. My desktop is 4k, but I should be playing at 1440p -is the game locked at desktop resolution I wonder?

+1 as well

i7 4790k
RTX 3080
980 Pro SSD

During the beta I was getting a relatively stable 60@4k now I’m dropping below 30fps regularly with lower settings than before.

Same here. Running:
I7 8700K
RTX 3080

I’ve disabled all the raytracing stuff in the config file, this seemed to help a bit cause the setting is stuck “on” ingame.

Sidenote: oddly enough i used to it in Fidelity 1.0 in the pre-launch, which was crystal clear and ran like a train. Things looked like Vermintide 2. Turning it on now does nothing to performance and everything looks blocky and low-quality.

I was cruising through the beta on mostly medium settings matching my refresh rate @ 1080p, but now my game feels sluggish and jittery.

My FPS appears to be hardstuck around 50~ FPS, no matter what I change in the settings.

Very strange.

I have noticed, thanks to Nvidia’s performance logger, that rendering latency is atrocious. Death Stranding rendering latency is rough 6-10ms while Darktide sits at anywhere between 250-350ms. What is going on???

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Same, update made it worse now and my veteran is unplayable.