Darktide turns into a slideshow

Game issue: seemingly random massive drops in performance. Sometimes the game will just randomly cap itself at 30 frames and hitting escape and then backing out of the menu will fix it. Other times the game will drop below 1 FPS, entirely locking me out of my controls and not even responding to alt+F4. Then after 30 seconds to a minute of this I will get disconnected and thrown back to the choose operative screen. It is happening more and more often, especially after these last two patches.

Also if I play more than 3 maps in a row without restarting the game entirely the performance gets even worse, losing about 10 FPS (or more if I keep going). I’m guessing that’s a memory leak issue as I’ve seen friends and others complaining about this same problem.

Keep FPS capped at 60 and during normal play I’ll get frames dipping down at the most to mid 50s when the game is functioning correctly.

Playing on Steam

I have attempted to tweak settings and run on the lowest settings but it changes nothing and these problems keep happening.

PC Specs:
AMD Ryzen 7 5800X
16 GB of RAM (3200MHz)
NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080
Playing at 3440x1440 with mostly medium settings with DLSS on Performance mode.

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