Drop in performance after patch 1.0.20

Issue Description:
Before patch 1.0.2 I was able to run Darktide fine, save for minor incidents with memory leaks after long play sessions. Now? GPU crashes for days, and some good ole BSOD’s thrown in for good measure.

Attempted Solutions:
So far I have:

Reset my game’s specs to default (medium graphics, with borderless fullscreen and ray tracing off), lowered the worker threads to 6, proportional to the number of cores I have. Limited FPS to 60.

This allows the game to run without insta-crashing, but that’s a marked difference from when I started playing. It’s disappointing honestly, and if it continues to get worse I’ll probably just stop playing.


PC Specifications:
console-2022-12-16-18.26.13-fc32ab4e-f1a4-47f3-b686-5d6dfe654351.log (62.8 KB)

darktide_launcher.log (748.4 KB)

my fps went up

RTX 3070, 11400f + 16gb ram. Stable 140+ fps at high now on waves, with slightly changed CFG, but one setting added with the CFG slider in the game is the quality of objects. You can safely reduce almost no effect on the picture gives FPS. There is also a topic below on turning off unnecessary lighting that uses the CPU / In general, it almost does not affect the picture

I’m assuming you’re referring to the mesh quality?

Regardless, I’m still seeing longer loading times, stuttering and freezing even after altering the medium default which is disappointing. I’m going from the medium default settings to having to modify them to gain back stability which is a drop in performance.

Same as here, freezes all the game, it’s terrible, since last update, it’s not the first time an update kill perf

I’m pretty sure there is a corellation with server population, cause sometimes it works fine, this problem is reported since the beta

if you have a Full HD and RTX video card of the 3070 level, I can give you a config that will give you good fps, or I can tell you what to remove so that the fps rises and this almost does not affect the image


Due to this most recent patch, it is almost insufferable to play because it’s like I’m colliding with invisible walls and lagging and stutter stepping, is anyone else having this issue?