Poor performance on strong gaming laptop

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Issue Description:
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FPS is always extremely low, averaging about 15fps is standing in the hub. Can drop to <10fps sometimes in combat. High appears to be about 20fps in an empty corner of some rooms.

Attempted Solutions:
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I have turned all my settings to as low as they’ll go. I have also tried editing my config file to ensure ray tracing is off and decreasing settings with regards to shadows. Nothing has substantially improved performance, average is still about 15fps.
I have also updated my drivers.
I have also verified integrity of game files through the Steam client, as well deleted and redownloaded the entire game.
I have also deleted the user config file and allowed the game to remake it.
I have also ensured that the game boots using my laptop’s dedicated GPU rather than its integrated graphics.

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PC Specifications:
Intel i7-10750H CPU @ 2.6GHz (12 CPUs), 32GB RAM, NVIDIA RTX 2070 Super

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    console-2022-12-21-20.14.13-74daf9e8-4054-4dd7-a136-ea15208f580d.log (250.2 KB)

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    darktide_launcher.log (458.1 KB)

Have you disabled your integrated graphics completely?
Maybe the super low cpu clock speed is a problem, desktop cpu’s are at 5+ ghz and single core performance matters for gaming.

Interestingly, when I disabled my integrated graphics my FPS actually drops to about 5fps…
Checking my task manager, it appears that sitting in the hub I’m not using more than about 10% of my GPU resources, yet the fps is embarrassingly low at 5fps.

I haven’t tried overclocking my CPU yet, something for me to look into.

Unfortunately using the GeForce Experience built in overclocking doesn’t improve performance above 15fps average for me.

This game does not run well on a one generation old gpu as I have experienced, but it should not be that bad. Try updating the mobo bios, graphics driver, ssd firmware. Try checking temps. IDK what else.

Hi folks, just jumping back into Darktide after some months off and I have to say, I’m still only getting like 11-18 fps in the Mourningstar.

Pretty disappointing. Feels like I’ve tried about everything at this point.