Hab Dreyko FPS Performance was bad in the betas, it is worse now

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Far lower than in the beta. In the beta I would be hitting bottom 40-ties quite often, now fps stays there and the new minium is in mid 30-ties…
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[Steam/Microsoft Store]
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Ryzen 1800x, 16 GB RAM, GTX 1080Ti
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    console-2022-12-01-20.19.44-0e4447a7-f48f-402b-b544-6ea985be7fe5.log (135.3 KB)
    console-2022-12-01-19.22.19-1ada31b9-b611-487d-b751-8a93b5010701.log (362.3 KB)

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I cant start the game now, it crashes.

Yesterday had a crash, but now its worse.

Updating cards the game did slowly start, seems things taking longer. Not sure if its number of users or system, I did not update cards and game was working fine in beta and first day.